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I started going to ACC during my junior year in high school. Although I enjoyed taking college classes, once I started working at sixteen, my focus changed in order to help contribute financially to my parent’s household. After doing a couple years of classes after graduation, I started to feel that it would be more beneficial to promote at work than invest time in school with the current economy. After having my son in 2010, I really found my passion and motivation for school again; but being a single parent and trying to finish a degree is neither easy nor cheap. Since returning to school, ACC has allowed me the flexibility and affordability I needed in working towards my associate degree in law enforcement. Currently, I work full-time as a corrections officer for the Travis County Sheriff’s office. For the past two years I have worked full time while taking online classes part-time, along with my rambunctious two-year old keeping me on my toes. My journey has seemed long, only being able to attend classes part-time but I just applied fall 2013 graduation and I couldn’t be more excited or motivated to finish strong and finally complete my degree! I plan to complete my AAS-Law Enforcement, and then start on my Peace Officer certification next spring to become a deputy for Travis County. Not only has ACC enriched my life, but this establishment has also given me the educational tools I needed to be successful in my career field, without having to sacrifice and choose between school and work. Thank you ACC for making education an obtainable option for me and allowing me to set precedent for my son’s educational future. This is a photo of my son and I on my graduation day from COBRA (Corrections Officer Basic Recruit Academy) which is boot camp for cadets. I completed this in March, passed all my tests to become TCLEOSE Jailer certified, all while taking two rigorous online courses and solely providing for my son! Thank you ACC!