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I dropped out of high school early to find work to help provide for my family. In 1986 I met an admin from ACC and through our conversation I was made aware of the GED program. I completed the program with a high enough score that I was offered a couple of grants to continue my education. I took up the offer and began my college career with a course in calligraphy. That single course helped me adjust to the college environment. Soon, I was enrolled in many classes. While I was attending classes I had the opportunity to start work at ACC part time. I took the job. It was one of the best things to happen to me and truly changed my life. I would arrive to the Rio Grande Campus early to study, then work my shift, then stay later to study more. I wasn’t always the best student. There were many friends, instructors and support personnel met along the way, all of whom were nothing but encouraging and supportive. The part time job turned into full time. Eventually I graduated while continuing to work for ACC! I decided to leave ACC and gain some different experiences and knowledge. I missed my ACC family for a long time. After almost 10 years away, I had an opportunity to work for ACC again. I jumped at the chance to return to the supportive environment of ACC. It was like coming home from a long voyage. I still enjoy working at ACC. Opportunities abound here at ACC from Early College Start to Continuing Education to courses just for fun. I am proud that I have earned my GED and my associate degree here and still get to work here. Thank you ACC.