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ACC has been a positive experience for me. I started out doing dual enrollment through my high school and knocked out some of my college credits already. After high school I went off to college for the first time, and didn’t do well at all. I came back, went to ACC again and bumped up my GPA within a semester. I then went off again, this time to Texas State, and still didn’t find “the right fit.” So once again I came back to ACC and continued to get my basics out of the way and prepare for my next step. Now a couple of years and schools later, I have almost completed my basics, got accepted to a university for the fall of 2012, and my GPA is a lot higher now, than it has ever been! Thanks to ACC and the helpful and supportive staff (especially the amazing women in OSD) and the encouraging students, I have accomplished so much, faced my fears, chased my dreams and am ready to start the next chapter of my life! ACC has been a huge help to me. I have loved my time here and don’t have any regrets! I am ACC!!