The Make It Center (MIC) provides the ultimate hands-on career exploration experience, exposing guests to career pathways they may never have considered before. The MIC will inform, inspire, and engage students and members of our community, through collaborative partnerships and highly engaging experiences, to discover career pathways that merge purpose and strengths and lead to well-paying and in-demand jobs.


With a vision to end poverty and champion a future in which all of our community members thrive, the Make It Center will invite our entire community to deepen their engagement with career exploration, collaborate around the evolving workforce needs, and build strong foundations for upward mobility.


The Make It Center (MIC) is deepening the collaboration between ACC and the Make It Movement as one of the educational and training partners for Central Texans who want to explore, discover, and get connected to the careers that are fueling growth in Central Texas.

Our mission is to inspire a sense of curiosity, discovery, and imagination through highly engaging experiences that connect our community to their purpose, passion, and desired career goals.
Our values are excellence, equity, belonging, innovation, collaboration, and empowerment.

Our purpose is to spark curiosity, ignite imagination, and fuel dreams.


Our vision is to end poverty and champion a future in which all of our community members thrive.

Our Mission


The Make It Center is a proud supporter of the national Make It Movement whose mission is to inspire and motivate Americans to pursue a good living and great life.


Community colleges, training programs, and apprenticeships are geared up and ready to jumpstart your desire to skill-up and start making a lot of money doing what you love to do.


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ACC is a proud partner of the Make It Movement

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The Make it Center
ACC Highland Campus
Building 2000, Room 2429
6010 Highland Campus Dr.
Austin, TX 78752