Learn about Website Redesign Phase II and Take a Short Survey

ACC’s website redesign project remains ongoing, and is now focused on webpages and sites for administrative offices and academic departments.

ACC launched the new site last fall with redesigned “top-level,” public-facing webpages. Navigational structure and page content was reworked to better guide students — particularly those new to college or to ACC — through enrollment and registration processes.

The project now is addressing office and departmental websites as the web team continues some additional work on top-tier pages.

Reformatting departmental webpages

Academic departments wanting to convert their webpages to the new design can take advantage of several options and resources. First, ACC’s Instructional Development Services team has created a template to simplify reformatting. Content managers also can use a new content management system (CMS) that facilitates information integration, site management, and mobile-device display.

Professional development workshops will cover CMS instruction and best practices for writing for the web, linking documents, and other common website creation and management tasks. Sign up on the Workshop and Event Registration webpage.

Follow updates: Stay abreast of web redesign news at the ACC Web Redesign Project webpage, which provides updates and answers to web redesign frequently asked questions.

Take a look…give us your thoughts

Faculty and staff are invited to give feedback on the newly launched Faculty & Staff webpage. Please take a moment to review the webpage and complete a short survey.

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