ACC Celebrates Community College Month: Meet Adamari

April is Community College Month! In honor of the month and our students, Austin Community College District (ACC) shines the spotlight on Riverbats—the students who make our community college great.

Community College Month is a time dedicated to celebrating the significant contributions of community colleges to the educational landscape led by the Association of Community College Trustees.

Meet Adamari G., a government student at ACC. She expects to graduate in June 2025. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school and become an attorney.

Learn more about her ACC journey.

ACC student posing in white cap and gown

What are your future career goals, and what made you interested in pursuing them?
My future career goals are to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in government and eventually attend and graduate from law school to pursue a legal career as an immigration or criminal attorney. I was always interested in anything relating to history or visual media, but understanding the political structure of the United States became a necessity for my family and I, which rooted my interest in legal studies. Another idea that sparked my interest in law was advocating for my community’s rights. As a first-generation Latina and female student, there is a limited representation of people–most importantly, minority women like me–who struggle every day because of the limited resources available to them. It’s very frustrating to see how little change has been made after so much has been endured for people’s rights, so it’s something that I want to contribute and make a difference for future POC and female generations.

What has your experience at ACC been like?
I’m currently in my second semester at ACC, and it has been so welcoming. I am really grateful for the community ACC has and the opportunities it has given me. I enjoy going to my classes and gaining insight into my future career. Having a strong community at ACC allows me to interact with the many social student organizations and extra resources they provide. At ACC, I continue to learn how to manage my classwork, involvement in student clubs, and employment. It can be overwhelming, but ACC makes sure that you can succeed even outside the classroom. Despite my focus in political science, ACC provides several aspects of the college experience through many different departmental lenses.

Who are some women who inspire you?
My biggest inspiration is my mom; she is one of the few people I always want to succeed and work hard for. My mom, an immigrant of the United States who only completed her high school degree, came in search of better opportunities for my family and I. Witnessing firsthand the hardships my mom faced inspired me to provide a voice for her and my family. Ever since a young age, I’ve learned what it is to be in search of better opportunities and to always strive for better. My mom’s sacrifices are the reason why I am studying government and aspire to become a lawyer. Another female role model I had growing up was Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman in space. Reading about Ellen Ochoa in fifth grade really set the stage for me to want to become a leader and contribute to defying stereotypes. As a Hispanic woman myself, it is very hard to find representation in any male-dominated career field, but Ochoa has campaigned for a greater representation of women and minorities. Ochoa embodies the leadership, innovation, and determination I want to build on. Ochoa’s role in STEM also inspired my love for science and space exploration in my early years of education.

How do you empower yourself to pursue your goals with confidence?
Having a positive mindset has helped me achieve my goals. Self-confidence is always important, especially when you want to grow. I was always shy, closed off, and never invested in attaining my goals, but I decided to speak up and step out of my comfort zone. I started believing in myself and the skills that I have, including applying for college, joining Ascender at ACC, I applied for a marketing internship because I knew I could. Although I haven’t always gotten what I wanted, the experience of being able to try new things has allowed me to grow and learn.

What advice would you give women to empower themselves to do the same?
Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. It’s very easy to drop goals when you face a setback or don’t get what you want, but when you surround yourself with people who support you, they really encourage you to move forward. I love seeing movements centered around women inspiring other women because it teaches us to become role models for the next generations.

What is an accomplishment you are proud of?
My biggest accomplishment that I am proud of is graduating and being able to attend college. As the oldest daughter of immigrant parents, it can get very overwhelming to maintain and fulfill that role, but my family has always supported me. I dedicate my studies to my parents’ sacrifices, as they didn’t have the opportunity to go to college like I did.

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