ACC’s Biotechnology Department welcomes AISD students for DNA Day

In a celebration of scientific inquiry and hands-on learning, Austin Community College District’s (ACC) Biotechnology Department is partnering with the college’s Make It Center (MIC) and BioRad Laboratories to host DNA Day at ACC.

DNA Day serves as a reminder of groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in genetics while highlighting the importance of education and outreach in ensuring continued progress.

Date: Thursday, April 25
Time: 9:30-11 a.m.
Location: ACC Highland Campus, Building 2000, Make It Center

Students from Akins and Crockett High School will not just be spectators but active participants in the world of biotechnology and genetics. The event is designed to be interactive, igniting curiosity and deepening understanding through hands-on experiences.

Students will explore the intersection of genetics and neurobiology in a special experiment called Pavlov’s Worms. They’ll examine and compare normal and mutant worm behavior and ultimately learn about the connection between worm genetics and human health.

Students will also extract DNA from their cheek cells using real-world laboratory procedures. They will use this DNA to capture it in helix-shaped necklaces.

The event aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and biotechnologists and encourage them to explore the possibilities of genetic research.

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