Future Healthcare Heroes completion ceremony honors 18 grads!

We’re celebrating the future of healthcare! Austin Community College District’s (ACC) latest completion ceremony honored 18 students from Eastside Early College High School (ECHS). 

More than 75 people attended to congratulate the students’ success and perseverance. Susan Roberts-Bradley, Clinical Nurse Resource Manager at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, served as the keynote speaker.

About the Program

The ceremony was part of the Future Healthcare Heroes grant initiative, a partnership between ACC’s Health Sciences Division, Eastside ECHS, HCA Healthcare—Healthier Tomorrow Fund, and St. David’s HealthCare. 

The initiative aims to identify and nurture rising juniors and seniors interested in pursuing careers in healthcare after high school. 

Over a six month period, the Eastside ECHS Future Healthcare Heroes received:

  • Information from over 50 speakers, 
  • Obtained a Basic Life Support certification and a Stop the Bleed certification,
  • Connected with a designated healthcare professional mentor who provided guidance and support,
  • Developed their own Healthcare Career Resource Handbook, 
  • Toured ACC’s Health Sciences Departments with faculty interaction,
  • Attended a comprehensive Health Career Fair at St. David’s Institute for Learning, 
  • Attended a session at ACC’s Welcome Center, 
  • Participated in hands-on demonstrations at the ACC Highland Campus Sim Lab,
  • Practiced suturing and venipunctures, monitored stats on babies and adults, and learned patient care basics.

As a testament to their dedication, students who completed these activities were eligible for a stipend as part of the grant program.

What the students say:

-There was always something new. Seeing and listening to every speaker really made me more passionate to pursue something in the healthcare field. I was able to find a path that was just right for me.

-The Future Healthcare Heroes program helped me and my peers to see how many options we have, and through this program, some of us have found our future careers. 

-Each speaker we were able to meet had different stories and pathways. They revealed that everyone has their unique way to grow as a person, and there is no straight path because everyone’s is different. This program allowed me to know more of who I want to be in the future. 

-I am thankful for this grant opportunity that helped us expand our knowledge of healthcare careers.

-Thank you to everyone who was a part of this program allowing us students to have the amazing opportunity to look at careers for our future. I especially want to thank all of our amazing speakers who were willing to talk about their amazing careers.   

-Being part of Future Healthcare Heroes – HCA was a transformative experience for me. We had the opportunity to see what being a nurse is like in real life. That experience changed me because I was able to see that I can become a nurse too, that it is not an impossible job.

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