Taking Effective Notes


This course will explain:

  • The purpose and benefits of effective notetaking
  • The skills of active listening
  • Two notetaking systems
  • Strategies before, during, and after taking notes


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of note taking
  • Demonstrate active listening strategies
  • Practice two approaches for systematic notetaking
  • Apply two notetaking systems
  • Assess your current listening and notetaking skills and plan strategies for improvement


Notetaking is an essential learning skill in college and in the workplace. Memory can take in and hold information only until new information comes along to replace it. This means that meaningful, long term learning doesn’t occur in classes, but after and between classes as you study. Carefully organized notes give you a lasting record of a class and the opportunity to understand and learn what you have heard.

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