Vision for Transformation

To transform our community’s racial narrative, we must engage with each other as we seek to eliminate racial disparities and disproportionality throughout Central Texas.

ACC cannot do this work in a vacuum. To achieve our goals, we must work with a broad coalition of community partners to create a community where race is no longer a predictor of success.

Key Planning Strategies

  • Map community assets to identify spaces for dialogues and training and gather input from members of adversely affected communities about the daily impact of racism in order to develop curricula and training materials and organize racial healing experiences.
  • Leverage community partnerships to convene conversations to: 1) educate the community and the college; 2) assess understanding of the impact of racism on college enrollment, persistence and completion; and 3) evaluate and further develop accountability and communication tools to apply across sectors to measure change.
  • Provide opportunities for ongoing professional development to prepare students, families, leaders, trainers, and facilitators to educate the college and community about the effect of race and racism on systemic outcomes.

Key Tactics

  • Support youth and family advocacy organizations and agencies in their efforts to increase truth-telling and transformation for individual and organizational change for racial equity and inclusion.
  • Educate, engage and empower regional P-16 faculty to apply culturally-responsive teaching tools that will promote racial equity and inclusion.
  • Educate, engage, and empower community actors to become leaders in truth-telling, racial healing, and transformation through a community leadership collaborative.

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