Welcome to the new semester! Whether you are a traditional-lecture class student or a distance learning student, you will find useful information here other than just your course materials. You might also find some useful information in my tech blog. Click everything and browse around to see what comes up.


What kind of technology will you use in your math course?

Depending on the course you take you may use anything from a four-function calculator to Mathematica software, or even something else. It all really depends on the course, and sometimes on the individual instructor.

Here is a little information to steer you in the right direction and to help you get started once you know what you will be using.


Blackboard Login ImageEvery student at ACC has a Blackboard account. If you have not used Blackboard before you will need to have an ACCeID and password in order to log in. Follow this link to activate your ACCeID if you have not already done so.

Logging on to Blackboard:

1. Go to the Blackboard login page and log in using your ACCeID and password.

2. Immediately go to the "Personal Information" in the left menu and follow the link to "Set Privacy Options." You can then choose whether to make your email and other information public or not. (Note that your email address may still be available to other members of the class when you post on the discussion boards, regardless of what you choose here.) Always be sure to click on "Submit" after you have made your changes. (You do not have to do this every time you log in.) Please note that while on the "Personal Information" web page, you may also change your name, address, Social Security Number, and/or major, by viewing and printing the Student Data Change form, which you will then have to submit to any ACC Admissions & Records Office.

3. If you are registered for this course already, the course should be listed under "My Courses" on the main page when you first log into Blackboard (or click on the "Courses" tab at the top of the page).

4. Click on the "My ACC" tab at the top of the page and then check "My Announcements" for any course-related announcements.

5. Always click on "Logout" near the top center of the page when you are finished, especially on a public computer.

6. If you have never used Blackboard before, it may help to read through the "How to Log into Blackboard" page.
Getting Help with Blackboard:

The best place to start when looking for help with Blackboard is at the Blackboard login page. There is a link to Student Support on the left side of the page, which will hopefully work again soon. There is also a Blackboard Support tab at the top left side of the page, which should have helpful information if you click on that. Usually, the Help button at the top of the Blackboard login page and within Blackboard will also take you to helpful information, but it currently takes you to the Faculty Support page. You may also contact the ACC Helpdesk at (512) 223-4357 for Blackboard support issues. If you have tried this and still cannot figure something out, contact your instructor.

To access the LaunchPad site for your particular section you will need the course code. This may be found in your syllabus. LaunchPad is a web portal with many resources to support students' learning including video and "print" manuals for both Minitab and CrunchIt, lots of videos, applets, a Study Guide, and the Crunch-It statistical software.

Purchase LaunchPad to accompany the text – Do not purchase a textbook which does not include the LaunchPad access code. In fact, a paper copy of the textbook is optional since you can purchase the LaunchPad access code without the book. LaunchPad includes an eBook. If you wish to purchase a paper copy of the textbook, it is The Basic Practice of Statistics, 7th ed., by David S. Moore, William I. Notz, and Michael A. Fligner

Several of the classes I teach utilize the Wolfram Demonstrations Project (WDP), both in lecture and for group activities.  WDPs are open interactive demonstrations allowing a user to manipulate certain parameters for investigation or just for fun. Some demonstrations may be run from a website and some require the use of a free download, the Wolfram CDF Player. Form more information about the WDP visit the about page website.

Demonstrations I created for my classes, along with the accompanying course handouts are below. Projects which are also published on the WDP site may be found by clicking the name of each project.

Polar Plots for Rose Curves and Limaçons



MyMathLab is an interactive website where you can:

1. Self-test & work through practice exercises with step-by-step help to improve your math skills.

2. Study more efficiently with a personalized study plan and exercises that match your book.

3. Get help when YOU need it. MyMathLab includes multimedia learning aids, videos, animations, and live tutorial help.

Before You Begin:

To register for MyMathLab, you need:

1. A MyMathLab student access code (packaged with your new text, standalone at your bookstore, or available for purchase with a major credit card at www.pearsonmylab.com)

2. Your instructor’s Course ID. Every instructor's course has its own individual course ID so be sure that you have the correct course ID before trying to register in MML.

3. A valid email address. It is recommended that you use your ACCmail for you MML registration. Your instructor will send emails to your ACCmail so you wouldn't want to miss any of them.

These two videos should help answer any questions you have about MML. The first is an introduction to MML and some of its features and the second shows you how to go through the registration process.