Bond Oversight | Regional Advisory Committees

The Austin Community College District’s Regional Advisory Committees (RACs) are instrumental in building the college’s connection with the community.

According to ACC Board of Trustees’ policy establishing Regional Advisory Committees, the purpose of these committees is “to strengthen the link between the College District and the community, and to enhance and provide community input for College District programs and services offered in the northern, southern, and central regions of the College District’s service area”

Per that charge, the Board and administration generally seek input from these committees in the following six categories:

  1. Identification of programs aligned with workforce needs of major employers and other public entities in the service area.
  2. Programmatic alignment in each region.
  3. Student-services needs related to the move to a regional structure.
  4. Existing facilities needs and challenges.
  5. The major future capital needs of each region as the college grows with the community.
  6. Barriers outside ACC’s control: transportation, cost of living, etc.

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