About Us

To be the first reference source that current, future or past students of Austin Community College utilize for campus news and entertainment.

To engage Austin Community College through the stories and information provided on our ACCENT website and zine. 

We support this student media outlet by creating diverse and fair content to inform and entertain the students of ACC. These publications are supplied for the college and the Austin area to to encourage student participation.

Work With Us:

If you are interested in working for ACCENT, fill out the Application Form or email it to [email protected] for more information

Meet Our Staff:

Editor in Chief

[email protected]

Nathan Spear became ACCENT’s editor in chief during the Spring semester of 2023, and is working to bring the historic ACC publication back in to the limelight. They are a second-year Journalism major at ACC and have several articles published on this website.

Managing Editor

[email protected]

Ky oversees ACCENT’s social media platforms and website layout. His other participation in Student Life includes being the Director of Communications for the Student Government Association and a member of the ACC Student Rights and Responsibilities committee.