Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute to ACCENT?

    • Become an ACCENT volunteer – If you’re interested in being a volunteer this semester, we may just have an opening for you! Please email [email protected] with your interest. We hire semesterly.
    • Submit a story idea – If you have a story idea for ACCENT, please email [email protected]. ACCENT publishes online stories about people, places, events and ideas at Austin Community College, Austin and the surrounding area. Before completing your submission, please review “how can I submit a story idea?”
    • Participate in a monthly meeting and/or training session We will discuss story ideas and plan for the month during this meeting. 
    • Conduct an interview, write a news story or create a photography/videography story – Email [email protected] for a list of story options. 

Note: First priority is given to students who are ACCENT volunteers. 

What are the basic requirements for participation?

    • Have and maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA and in good standing with the College.
    • Be enrolled in at least (1) AC course for credit during the semester.
    • Comply with ACC’s Student Standards of Conduct.
    • Sign ACCENT’s Incentive Agreement and Contributor Tally Sheet.

What are the benefits of volunteering with ACCENT?

    • Build a portfolio of work for future education and employment.
    • Receive valuable training and feedback.
    • Contribute to an award-winning student publication.
    • Potential to attend media credentialed events as an ACCENT representative.
    • Network with other student leaders and media professionals in the area.
    • Potential to attend TIPA and TCCJA conventions (ACCENT covers the cost of registration, travel, lodging and some meals for qualified contributors).

What’s an ACCENT story?

    • Stories featuring the students, faculty, staff, events, campuses and issues of ACC. 
    • Stories featuring local, regional, national or global people, places and issues that directly affect the ACC community.
    • Interviews focused on an experience, accomplishment, or cation of an ACC student, faculty or staff member.
    • Reviews on food, film, fashion, automotive, technology, gaming and books relevant to ACC students, faculty and staff.
    • Always consider the traditional qualities of news:
        • Timeliness
        • Proximity
        • Unusual nature
        • Human interest
        • Conflict
        • Impact
        • Helpfulness
        • Celebrities
        • Entertainment
        • Issues or problems in the community
        • Trends

How should I submit a story idea?
Send the below to [email protected]:

    • A short description of the ACC person, place, event or issue and why this story would be of benefit or interest to the ACC community. 
    • A list of sources who may be interviewed for the story and their contact information.
    • Your contact information. Please let us know if you would like to write and or photograph/video record the story for ACCENT.

How can I take an assignment?
Stories will be assigned at monthly meetings by editors who will present a list of story opportunities. If you accept an assignment without being a volunteer, please provide the editors with your name, phone number and email address. 

What if I take an assignment that I’m unable to complete?
Email [email protected] or cal 512.223.0395 immediately. This will allow us to assign the story to a different ACCENT volunteer. If you take an assignment and we don’t hear from you, you may be ineligible for future stories. Please communicate above all else.

What is are the various assignments I can take?
To be paid for an assignment, you must submit your first assignment, without pay, in the deadline. If you do not reach your deadline for the assignment, you will not be paid. 

    • Multimedia – Updated once a month with feature news in an article paired with video, photo package or infographic, reviewed and approved by Editor in Chief. Feature — 500-2000 words on a central theme with a photo package and infographic.
    • Written – Updated three times a month with breaking news to opinion pieces, reviewed and approved by Editor in Chief. Entertainment — 300-500 words reviews and criticism of music, film, fashion and technology in ACC and Austin area. Opinion — 300-500 words columns, editorial and op-ed. News You Can Use — 300-500 words useful items in short text or graphic form for ACC students; OR highlights four to five important events for ACC students.
    • Photography Photo blog updated once a month with five to ten edited images (with cutlines), reviewed and approved by Editor in Chief.
    • Videography – Video story uploaded once a month, with captions and story content, reviewed and approved by Editor in Chief.
    • Promotions – Event hosting on a campus, monthly, approved by Editor in Chief.

How should I request an interview with ACC faculty or staff?
Conduct all communications on behalf of ACCENT in a courteous professional manner. Never demand information, ask politely. Sample request:

Hello [person’s name],

I’m working on a story for ACCENT, Austin Community College’s student media outlet. My deadline is [enter date and time, 2-3 days ahead of actual deadline]. Could [1. interview you; OR 2. Receive information on ENTER BRIEF DESCRIPTION for a story about ENTER BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF STORY]. 

Please let me know if you are able to help.

Thank you,

[Your first and last name]
[Your ACCENT title]

How should I write a story for ACCENT?

    • Arrange interview with at least three sources. Each source should have a different experience or perspective on the issue.
    • Document all contact information: names (first and last), title (job or ACC’s AoS),email addresses and phone numbers.
    • Review interview notes and recordings.
    • Create an outline that includes a description of the major points that you want ACC students to learn from the story and why the story is important.
    • Start with the most interesting or important aspect of the story.
    • Read it aloud and edit for clarity, typos and spelling and grammar errors. 

How should I submit a story for ACCENT?
Send the story along with an outline to [email protected] in a GoogleDoc. Include the following information at the top of the page:

    • Your full name
    • The one sentence description of the article/story
    • The full names, titles and contact information of interviewees/sources

How does ACCENT’s editorial process work?

    • Submit a story through GoogleDogs to [email protected].
    • The story is edited by the editorial team.
    • The editor will contact you with questions when he or she is fact checking the story.
    • The story will go through one to three editing rounds on the GoogleDoc. Comments will be provided on the original version.
    • You will be left to make the changes left on the GoogleDoc to meet your assignment deadline.
    • Once edits are final the story is published to ACCENT online at www.austincc.edu/accent.

How am I compensated for my contributions?
You must do the actions on and sign the Contributor Incentive Agreement and Contributor Tally Sheet to receive compensation for the below assignments:

    • Multimedia Assignment – $40.00
    • Written Assignment – $15.00
    • Photography Assignment – $15.00
    • Videography Assignment – $20.00
    • Graphics Assignment – $5.00 to $10.00, dependent on assignment.
    • Promotions Assignment – $10.00
    • Advertisement Sold – 10% commission. 
  • Over Six Assignments – $20.00, one-time payment.

I want to advertise with ACCENT, how do I do so?
We are currently working on a media kit.

How do I stay updated with ACCENT events?
As a recognized Student Life Student Organization, the events page is austincc.edu/sl. You can also click on the events tab on www.austincc.edu/accent that will bring you to a list of dates, times and locations of our most current and upcoming events and meetings. Or you can follow us on social media at

Where can I pick up the quarterly-zines?
The ACCENT zine is produced quarterly: January, May, August, November. It can be picked up in the ACCENT kiosk on the ACC campuses. Below is a list of locations per campus:.  must do the actions on and sign the Contributor Incentive Agreement and Contributor Tally Sheet to receive compensation for the below assignments:

    • Cypress Creek – Student Commons Area.
    • Eastview – Student Commons Area.
    • Elgin – Student Commons Area.
    • Hays – Student Commons Area.
    • Highland – Outside of the Library.
    • Northridge – Cafe Area.
    • Riverside – Student Life Office.
    • Round Rock – Student Commons Area and in the ACCENT Lab.
    • San Gabriel – Vending Machine Area.
  • South Austin – Across from the Elevators.

Where can I listen to the podcast?
We will release this information soon.

Where can I watch ACCENT stories?
Visit our YouTube channel or ACCTV on channel 19 in Austin, Texas.