Quotations from Daily Life: 2022 Studio Art Faculty Exhibition

Quotations from Daily Life: 2022 Studio Art Faculty Exhibition

August 25 – October 27

Featuring the works of:

Jill Bedgood

Jonas Criscoe

Melanie Hickerson

Brian Johnson

Haydeé Victoria Suescum

David Thornberry

Gary Webernick


Artistic expressions often reference or explore themes related to everyday life. How these elements are manifested within a work of art varies greatly as artists may choose to present whole scenes of daily existence, fractured pieces of familiar forms, or faint vestiges of common occurrences.

This exhibition brings together the work of seven ACC Studio Art Faculty members who work in a range of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, assemblage art, and sculpture. Their artistic practices provide perspectives that can bring into focus how we interact with the objects, places, and people around us. By taking inspiration from the seemingly mundane aspects of life, these artworks help us contemplate our shared experiences and give us new ways to discuss how we understand the world we live in.

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