Vision Board Group Exhibition: Featuring ACC Faculty members- David Thornberry and Melanie Hickerson

VISION BOARD Group Exhibition: Erin Cunningham, Stephen Daly, Valerie Fowler, Melanie Hickerson, Steven Bernard Jones, Mindy Johnston, Kathy McCarty, Jacqueline May, Lawrence McFarland, Deanna Miesch, Jon Eric Narum, Jennifer Prichard, Benné Rockett, David Thornberry, Deborah Vanko, Madelon Umlauf

August 5 – September 10, 2023

Artist Reception Saturday, August 26th, 6-9 pm  

Location: Lydia Street Gallery

From Lydia Street Gallery:

We are fascinated by our perception of the past and defining our futures. Vision boards are artist tools gone mainstream, incorporated into the realm of psychology, social media & branding for corporations. We don’t typically see an artist’s vision boards, only the by-product of blood, sweat & tears, or so we, the viewer, may imagine.  The sleepless nights, moments from dreams, happy accidents & careful calculations, consultations, journaling, listening, looking, researching, walking, zoning out, the dumpster diving, hauling, recycling, trashing, the breaking, brushing, casting, channeling, cleaning, covering, cutting, drying, gluing, melting, polishing, sanding, ripping, repairing, stroking, all the unmentionables, all the things we don’t see, are there, just beneath the surface. We invite you to come & revel in the behind the scenes disorder in your mind. Really, just try to imagine these artists’ processes. Imagine all the things that led to these works’ creation, up to the moment you walk in the door. What a glorious mess!

Image credit: Erin Cunningham

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