Welcome to the Department of Anthropology

Anthropology Associate Degrees

Austin Community College’s Anthropology program offers an Associates of Arts(AA) in Anthropology, and an Associate of Science(AAS) in Archaeology. Please visit our degree plans for information about these degree options.

What is Anthropology?

Physical Anthropology is an introduction to the study of the biocultural diversity of humans. The interaction between culture and biology produces a variety of human biological adaptations that are traced through the following venues: the fossil record of primates, primate behavior, and the genetic makeup of modern populations.

Cultural Anthropology introduces the student to a holistic study of culture. The major elements of human social behavior, material culture, and cultural diversity are studied as adaptations to social and environmental change–past and present.

Archaeology covers archaeological techniques for reconstructing ancient societies. Emphasis is placed on archaeological questions, scientific methods, and culture change.

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