Carleen Sanchez

Carleen Sanchez

I LOVE teaching anthropology and do my best to make learning about culture, archaeology, and human evolution exciting and interesting. I teach all three core courses in the Anthropology program in both classroom and distance learning settings.

My Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Anthropology were earned at the University of California Santa Barbara. I hold a B.A. degree from California State University Fullerton in Political Science.

My dissertation fieldwork in Honduras was funded by a Fulbright Scholarship and focused on excavations at a Maya secondary center within the periphery of the city state of Copan. My M.A. thesis examined obsidian tools from the central Honduran site of Yarumela.

As an interdisciplinary anthropologist, I have a variety of interests from Ancient Mesoamerica, Latin American Pop Culture, and living in the Virtual World.

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