Judith Sebesta, Case Study – Institute of Competency Based Education

Interview topic timestamps

00:38 — Institute of Competency Based Education

  • Support of current and additional TAMUC CBE programs
  • Support growth of CBE throughout Texas
  • Conduct research on CBE, especially CBE outcomes

01:06 — Why CBE & the Texas TAB Program

  • When considering CBE, ask two primary questions:
    • What problem will CBE solve? and
    • What students will CBE serve?
  • Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Program was developed to address the needs of students

03:30 – One key for a successful CBE Program

  • Select the right people to lead

04:31 – Regulatory considerations when developing CBE programs

  • Can include a variety of organizations, such as accreditors, state agencies, federal government
  • Have to think about interaction between faculty and students relating to financial aid and accreditation
  • Also have to think about how you will count enrollment for funding purposes – most map back to semester hours

06:49 – How to Select Programs for CBE

  • Depends on your institution
  • Look at student needs and industry needs and develop program to meet those needs