Social Security Online Webinar

How Some Public Employee/Teacher Pensions May Affect Social Security Benefits
In the webinar, Social Security representative(s) will walk participants through how the WEP and GPO could affect Social Security benefits of workers whose employers do not withhold Social Security taxes from their salaries, such as some school systems and some local, state and federal government agencies.  Date of presentation:  2/16/11.

AARP and Social Security

AARP and Social Security: Will they be there for you?
Presented by:
Carla Penny, MSSW
Chair, Economic Security Committee
AARP National Policy Council

The following short videos have been created by Professional Development and Evaluation Programs to assist faculty in dealing with teaching-related issues.

Millenial Generational Differences

“Homework Circa 2005″
This video, approximately three minutes in length, comedically captures the habits and traits of the millennial generation, the group of individuals born between 1982 and 2000 who now comprise the majority of our student population.

Faculty Challenges

New Professor Blues
This three-minute video provides a snapshot of a new professor’s day as he navigates through some of the many challenges of teaching. Faculty issues regarding HIPAA, FERPA, Duplication, Syllabus and more are depicted.

Special Populations – Issues faculty may be confronted with when dealing with students with
Disruptive Students in the Classroom 
Students in Wheelchairs
Students Asking for Extended Time on Assignments

Online Journals

(Can only be accessed from an ACC computer.)
“The National Teaching and Learning Forum” electronic newsletter

“NISOD’s Innovation Abstracts” NISOD’s flagship teaching and learning publication, “Innovation Abstracts,” is written by practitioners, for practitioners, in community colleges around the world.


Teaching Subject Categories

Active Learning

Bloom’s Domains and Taxonomies

Classroom Assessment Techniques


Cooperative-Collaborative Learning

Copyright, Fair Use, and Plagiarism

Critical Thinking

Distance Learning

Listservs and e-Zines

Search Engines

Syllabus Construction

Test Construction