Full-Time Faculty Senate

Volunteer Opportunities:

College-Wide Service

Do you want to be a part of an opportunity you’ve heard about in a Faculty Senate email or other communication? Register your interest here. Opportunities have short windows, so please fill in this form for each new opportunity you wish to be considered for.


Do you wish to be considered for addition to an ACC travel team? ACC often sends teams to various conferences and events, and we will select faculty from those who have shared their preferences. Your submission is good for ONE YEAR, so be sure to update it by filling out the form again at the beginning of each academic year.

Caring for Our Students:

Results of the 2019 RealCollege Survey show that MANY ACC students are struggling to meet their basic needs. They are experiencing housing and food insecurity, struggling with unexpected expenses, and need assistance with childcare. Complete results of the survey for ACC will be linked here once they become available.

Faculty can help by reducing the stigma around these issues and repeatedly sharing ACC resources so students know that help is available. Please share these two slides in your classes to remind students that ACC is aware of their needs and ready to help. Feel free to edit the slides to make them your own.