Senate Committees – Current Year


From the bylaws:

Membership Size: All Senate committees, including the Auditing and Elections, Bylaws, Policy and Procedure, Academic Affairs, and Facilities Committees, will have at least three representatives. The Nominating Committee and Salary and Benefits Committees would have the added stipulation that each would have representation from at least three different campuses.

Committee membership for the next academic year shall be solicited in the spring. A list of committee membership shall be presented at the first Senate meeting in the fall semester. Vacancies shall be filled by officers of the Senate. The Committee chairperson shall be appointed by the Senate officers.

Notes: Committees that require information about campuses have that included below. The others do not. The membership appointments below were approved at the Full-Time Faculty Senate Retreat.

Academic Affairs Committee – Considers curriculum and instructional matters and brings recommendations to the Senate about such matters, and (if so directed by the Senate) communicates with appropriate administrators.

Lindsay Carlson (Senator) – ChairHealth Sciences EVC
Courtney Ahrenholtz Academic – Marketing/Finance CYP
Jodi Oates (Senator) American Sign Language Training RGC

Auditing and Elections Committee – Audits all Senate documents and financial records before October 15 and at least one additional time to be determined by the Committee each year. Additional special audits may be conducted at any time that a majority of the Auditing and Elections Committee members deem necessary. Conducts all regular, special, and recall elections. Conducts any referenda and elections concerning amendments to bylaws called for by the Senate. Assures that all faculty members get ballots seventy-two hours prior to election deadline.

Samantha Croft (Senator) – ChairScience Engineering and Math (RRC)
Alexander SpeetzenFaculty Librarian (HLC)
Irie Glajar (Senator)Mathematics (RVS)

Bylaws Committee – Considers Bylaws revisions as needed or requested and bring recommendations to the Senate about the same.

Jon Luckstead – ChairFaculty Librarian (HLC)
Don BeckerPhilosophy (SAC)
Missi Patterson (Senator)Psychology (HLC)

Committee on Faculty Participation – Promotes faculty participation in the Senate and in shared governance at ACC. Presents a list of recommended standing committee members to the senate at the first meeting of the new academic year in accordance with section 2. Makes recommendations to the President, when solicited, of representatives to serve on shared governance committees of ACC, and of members to serve on Ad hoc Senate committees.

Juan MolinaMathematics

Facilities Committee – Considers matters relating to faculty concerns about the condition of the physical facilities of the College and also the long-range planning for future facilities.

Valerie MaciejewskiMathematics (SAC)
Sally HollGeographic Information Systems (HLC)
Heather Syrett (Senator) – ChairLiberal Arts – General Studies (RVS)
Andrea HecklerFaculty Librarian (CYP)

Nominating Committee– Presents a ballot for the regular election and any special elections, within the timelines stated under the article on elections.

Jennifer Brimberry – ChairVocational Nursing (EVC)
Mary Havens (Senator)Faculty Librarian (EGN)
Lynda Infante Huerta (Senator)Faculty Librarian (RVS)
Kate Verdun (Senator)Diagnostic Medical Imaging – Radiology (RRC)

This committee elected in 2019 to have a succession plan for their chair, such that they have a past chair, current chair, and incoming chair. This will ensure that there is always someone leading the committee who has the experience needed to organize the nomination process. The Full-Time Faculty Senate voted on 10/11/19 to support this change.

Policy and Procedure Committee – Considers policy and procedures affecting full-time faculty and bring recommendations to the Senate about such matters, and (if so directed by the Senate) communicates with appropriate administrators about the same.

Pam AskewStudent Development (RRC)
Heather Syrett (Senator)Liberal Arts – General Studies (RVS)
Lynda Infante Huerta (Senator) – ChairFaculty Librarian (RVS)
Kate Verdun (Senator)Diagnostic Medical Imaging – Radiology (RRC)

Salary and Benefits Committee – Studies matters relating to faculty salaries and non-salary employee benefits, brings recommendations to the February Senate meeting about such matters, and (if so directed by the Senate) communicates with appropriate administrators about the same.

Jordan Forbes Hagan (Senator)Faculty Librarian (RGC)
Jon LucksteadFaculty Librarian (HLC)
Michelle LandrumDental Hygiene (EVC)
Nabeel Khan – ChairComputer Technology (HLC)
Lei JiEconomics (CYP)

Note – 11/19/19 – This committee should expect to meet with the EVP of Finance each year during February and March to develop recommendations for faculty salaries. The budget process starts as early as April, and if we want our suggestions to be considered, they need to be discussed well in advance of this date.

FT Faculty Senate Executive Council Members of the Committee for Faculty Innovation and Development (CFID)

Missi Patterson (Senator)Psychology

The Committee for Faculty Innovation and Development (CFID) is a primarily faculty-driven group that ensures that the work of the Faculty Development Office and the Faculty Center for Learning Innovation represents faculty in the creation and administration of innovative faculty initiatives, activities, and services.