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Senate Standard 5.16

Senate Standard 5.16
In the Standard this week:
– Senate Meeting April 12 – Call for Agenda Items
– In Case You Missed It:
– Senate Nominations through March 22 
– Short Survey on ACC NEW Values
– ASAC – Open for Faculty Comments
– ASC – Open for Faculty Comments

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Senate Meeting April 12 – Call for Agenda Items
We are holding a Faculty Senate meeting on Friday, April 12, from 12 pm to 1:30 pm. If you have any items you want to be considered, please send them my way at [email protected]
In Case You Missed It
Faculty Senate Second Round of Nominations are now open through Friday, March 22.

Thanks to all faculty that have been nominated (and accepted) to be part of the Senate for next year. 

Here are the current vacant Senate seats:

Areas of Study – Four vacancies, one from each area:
Arts, Digital Media & Communications
Computer Science & IT
Design, Manufacturing, Construction, and Applied Technologies
Student Affairs

Campus Representatives – Five vacancies, one from each of the following campuses:
Cypress Creek
Highland Learning Center
Rio Grande
South Austin

At Large Seats – Two vacancies.

Note: Per our bylaws nominees in the second round of nominations can fill a vacant position or contest any position that already has a nominee, including the President-Elect position. Any additional nominations made through the Friday following the end of spring break shall be added to the slate of nominees. You can find the current slate of nominees here

We currently have one nominee for President-Elect: Dr. Alberto Quiñonez, Department Chair – Engineering Technology.

To nominate yourself or a colleague for a Senator seat, complete this form by 5 pm on Friday, March 22.  

To nominate yourself or a colleague for President-Elect, complete this form by 5 pm on Friday, March 22. For those who wish to be President-Elect, please send your platform statement to Jennifer Brimberry after you fill out the nomination form.  You can find information on the President-Elect position at the Faculty Senate website.

Again, thanks for your interest in being part of the Senate.
Survey:  ACC’s New College Values

We previously asked faculty to fill out a survey on the new college values. Since then, we have had more discussions with the Chancellor and we have developed a new short survey for both full-time and adjunct faculty. The values will be integrated into job descriptions, processes, and our evaluations of each other. The college will go into depth on both the Theory of Change and Values at the collegewide Data Summit on Wednesday, March 27. 

The Chancellor introduced the new values at his town hall talk on January 19th (begins at 28:11) and had a more concrete discussion of these with the Board of Trustees at the February 12 special session (begins at 10:18).  

As this process is a collegewide effort, we need to include everyone’s voice.  We are extending the deadline of the survey  to Friday, April 12 by 5pm, but if you can do it before the Data Summit, that would be great.

ASAC (Academic and Student Affairs Council) – Open for Faculty Comments

Item one: Revised Faculty Evaluation Form 

This is a follow/up to the existing Guideline/Procedure 4.1201.02.1 that was approved on 5/9/23.  As we move into this new approach to evaluation, ASAC approved a draft of the content of the updated evaluation summary form.  We are requesting faculty feedback on the content that will eventually be available in a fillable form and a cleaner format. Please use the Faculty Evaluation Form- Comment Form to submit any comments. 

Item two: Faculty Librarians G/P
This G/P (Guideline/Procedures) is related to faculty evaluations for librarians.  To support the updates to the faculty evaluation process adopted in AY 2023, these Guidelines/Procedures were drafted for Faculty Librarians and are available for faculty comment.

Faculty Librarian Evaluation G/P- Comment Form

Please submit all comments no later than EOB (End Of Business Day) Wednesday, April 3rd
For general information on Administrative Rules and Guidelines/Procedures follow this link

ASC (Administrative Services Council) – Open for Faculty Comments
The Administrative Services Council (ASC) has reviewed and approved proposed changes to the following Administrative Rule (AR) and posted the draft for comments from ACC employees:

4.0501.01  Payroll–  The proposed changes are non-substantive (updates to department names and position titles, grammatical corrections, and removal of redundant language). 

The draft is available for viewing and adding comments here:

Please read the instructions before adding comments.

The deadline for comments is April 1, 2024.