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Faculty Senate Standard 5.13

Senate Standard 5.13 In the Standard this week: – February 9 Faculty Senate meeting– Senate Nominations –[email protected]  Senate Meeting February 9 Information We are holding a Faculty Senate meeting this Friday. You can find the tentative agenda here. For all faculty attending…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.12

Senate Standard 5.12 In the Standard this week:– February 9 Faculty Senate Meeting: Call for Agenda Items– ACC’s New College Values– 2024-2025 Senate Nominations– TCCTA Conference February 29 – March 2 in Frisco, TX– FCLI (Faculty Center for Learning Innovation) Summer Institute–…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.11

Senate Standard 5.11 In the Standard this week: – January 26 Faculty Senate meeting– HR hiring committee participation– In case you missed it:—Workgroup on Compensation and Faculty Contracts—Faculty Needed for New Blackboard Ultra Transition Implementation and Planning –[email protected]  Senate Meeting January 26…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.10

Senate Standard 5.10 In the Standard this week:– January 26 Faculty Senate Meeting Information– Strategic Scheduling – Update– Workgroup on Compensation and Faculty Contracts– Faculty Needed for New Blackboard Ultra Transition Implementation and [email protected]  Faculty Senate Meeting – January 26, 2024 We…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.9

Senate Standard In the Standard this week: -Special ElectionNovember 17 -Faculty Senate Meeting Information –[email protected]  Faculty Senate Special Election Thanks to everyone who voted in the Senate Special Election and welcome to our new Senate members.President-Elect Jon Luckstead-Faculty Librarian/Professor New Senators Lakisha…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.8

Senate Standard In the Standard this week:-Faculty Senate Special Election Ballot Information.-Next Senate meeting. -Faculty contracts update.-Chancellor’s Virtual Town Halls. –[email protected]  Faculty Senate Special Election The Faculty Senate Special Election is upon us. Faculty will get an email from the Audit and…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.6

Faculty,In the Standard this week:– Faculty Contracts: The faculty contracts issues and implications are described below together with a link to a survey. We at the Faculty Senate need your opinion  in order to move forward in the process of addressing this…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.5

Senate Standard Dear Colleagues,We have a busy week in the Senate in the following two weeks:– A Special Session of the Senate on Thursday 1:30 pm to 2:30pm to discuss issues with faculty contracts.– A regular Senate meeting on October 13. Please…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.4

Senate Standard Esteemed Faculty, The semester is now in full swing, and I hope you had a good start this semester.  This ended up being a LOOONG Standard edition.  To help navigate, I added a table of content.   Included in this Standard:*…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.3

Senate Standard At the beginning of the year I briefly attended a workforce department meeting to introduce myself and talk about the Senate.  The first question one of the faculty members asked was “what does the Senate do?”It is a valid question,…Read More »