The purpose of the Senate shall be to serve as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among the faculty of Austin Community College District (hereinafter “ACC” or “the College”) and between faculty and the administration of the College, in order advance effective instruction and student support services, to insure academic freedom, and to maintain professional standards.

In order to achieve these purposes, the Senate shall:

a) Present the views and recommendations of the college faculty to the administration and to the Board of Trustees of the Austin Community College District as they relate to policies of academic, instructional and professional matters;

b) Be an integral part of the instructional and student support programs, policy making, and growth plans of the College;

c) Advance effective faculty participation in College governance, and in academic, instructional, and student success policies;

d) Promote faculty primacy in the establishment and implementation of academic, student success, and faculty professional issues and policies;

e) Represent the full-time faculty perspective and interests  in decision-making at the college;

f) Promote thoughtful discourse and deliberation that invites and incorporates diverse perspectives in College planning and governance;

g) Support and promote programs and activities that encourage and develop faculty accountability, leadership, professional development, and character;

h) Develop cooperation and fellowship among the instructional and non-instructional faculty and between the faculty and other constituencies of the College community;

i) Protect and promote academic freedom and the high academic standards that are the hallmark of excellence in education;

j) Appoint full-time faculty representatives to College governance committees and councils;

k) Adhere to the highest professional ethics and standards with respect to academic and professional issues.