Shared Governance Councils and Committee – Current Year

2022-2023 – Coming Soon

Shared Governance Meeting Schedule

This calendar lists the meeting dates for the many college-wide councils and committees. Please confirm the upcoming meeting dates/times with the chair of each council/committee.

Councils and Committees

Each Shared Governance Council and Committee requires a different number of appointees from the Full-Time Faculty Senate. Below, specific requirements for each are listed along with the appointees to each group. Committees that require information about specific designations have that included below. The others provide only the name of the appointee and their department.


Academic & Student Affairs

Three appointees from different Dean areas:

Administrative Services

Two appointees:

Shared Governance Review

Three appointees – must be Full-Time Faculty Senate Presidents:


ACC e-Staffing (2)

Assessment and Advising (2)

College Accessibility (1)

College-wide Technology & Capital Outlay Committee (12; 6 academic [a], 5 workforce [wf], 1 non-teaching [o])

Curriculum & Programs (8, not restricted to classification i.e., wf, academic)

Distance Education (13 not restricted)

Enrollment Services (1)

Faculty Development & Evaluation (5) 

Safety & Environmental Management (1)

Student Rights & Responsibilities (2)