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Faculty Senate Standard 5.9

Senate Standard In the Standard this week: -Special ElectionNovember 17 -Faculty Senate Meeting Information –[email protected]  Faculty Senate Special Election Thanks to everyone who voted in the Senate Special Election and welcome to our new Senate members.President-Elect Jon Luckstead-Faculty Librarian/Professor New Senators Lakisha…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.8

Senate Standard In the Standard this week:-Faculty Senate Special Election Ballot Information.-Next Senate meeting. -Faculty contracts update.-Chancellor’s Virtual Town Halls. –[email protected]  Faculty Senate Special Election The Faculty Senate Special Election is upon us. Faculty will get an email from the Audit and…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.6

Faculty,In the Standard this week:– Faculty Contracts: The faculty contracts issues and implications are described below together with a link to a survey. We at the Faculty Senate need your opinion  in order to move forward in the process of addressing this…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.5

Senate Standard Dear Colleagues,We have a busy week in the Senate in the following two weeks:– A Special Session of the Senate on Thursday 1:30 pm to 2:30pm to discuss issues with faculty contracts.– A regular Senate meeting on October 13. Please…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.4

Senate Standard Esteemed Faculty, The semester is now in full swing, and I hope you had a good start this semester.  This ended up being a LOOONG Standard edition.  To help navigate, I added a table of content.   Included in this Standard:*…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.3

Senate Standard At the beginning of the year I briefly attended a workforce department meeting to introduce myself and talk about the Senate.  The first question one of the faculty members asked was “what does the Senate do?”It is a valid question,…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.2

Senate Standard I would like to invite all to the first Faculty Senate meeting of the year.  Remember our meetings are hybrid now, so you can participate virtually and in person. A few remarks to have a smoother Senate meeting experience:*The sign…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 5.1

Welcome everyone to the new academic year!  Hopefully you are already settled with your courses and having a smooth transition into the new academic year. I would like to thank the previous Senate for their hard work this past year and Nancy…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.16

Senate Standard What a wonderful season: summer! I hope that the start to your summer term has gone well and that even the cadence of summer terms moves swiftly, that you each find the space for reflection and enjoyment of the change…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.15

Faculty Senate Meeting: Friday 4/14 Join us on Zoom this Friday from 12:00 – 1:30 for this month’s Faculty Senate meeting.  Check out the full Agenda. Exciting updates about the Faculty Evaluation process, upcoming Student Evaluation work, and the Northridge Innovation campus…Read More »