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Faculty Senate Standard 4.15

Faculty Senate Meeting: Friday 4/14 Join us on Zoom this Friday from 12:00 – 1:30 for this month’s Faculty Senate meeting.  Check out the full Agenda. Exciting updates about the Faculty Evaluation process, upcoming Student Evaluation work, and the Northridge Innovation campus…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.14

Senate Standard I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday and are staying strong here in this final push before spring break. There are some great opportunities for engagement this week and in the coming month including today’s listening session with…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.13

Senate Standard As I walked into the Senate Office today, I saw signs for the Adulting 101 program happening today and had a great chat with a (temporarily) displaced colleague from the Round Rock campus. In the faculty suite hallway I saw…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.12

Senate Standard Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far.  The first announcement below – an opportunity to be part of the Chancellor’s Search Advisory Committee – is time sensitive. We just received the invitation to nominate…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.11

Senate Standard What a week it has been! All of our practice pivoting and navigating through chaotic situations was again put to use in the midst of what is becoming interesting Central Texas winter weather. Even today some of our students and…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.10

Senate Standard Welcome to the new year and a new semester! I always find this time of year refreshing, even in the midst of a little exhaustion as we prepare for the launch of the new term. (And as we return to…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.9

Senate Standard Happy End of the Semester!  I hope that this final week of classes and grading is going well. If you have a moment to step back from the bustle of the day, I invite you to join us today for…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.8

Senate Standard Welcome to November! It is amazing how quickly the semester seems to be going.  Many thanks to everyone who participated in the various SACSCOC accreditation site visit meetings last week. I know I appreciated hearing from other faculty on my campus,…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.7

Senate Standard Thank you to everyone who responded to the Standard poll last week about the need for supplies and resources within your programs and on your campuses. If you missed the poll last week, don’t fret! Here is the link again…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.6

Senate Standard As we move deeper into the semester and approach the mid-semester mark, I’ve heard from faculty about the increased struggle their students are having in obtaining the school supplies and required materials that need in order to be successful in…Read More »