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Faculty Senate Standard 4.5

Senate Standard Thank you to everyone who shared their “Dream Big” ideas last week. Your suggestions and comments were wide ranging. From ideas about faculty workload, learning and teaching innovation opportunities, and addressing dual credit challenges, to ensuring equitable campus facilities and…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.4

Senate Standard As I left the San Gabriel campus yesterday, a banner on one of the light poles leading to the parking lot caught my eye. The banner featured a smiling face on one side of the pole and the phrase “We…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.3

Senate Standard As hinted at in the last Standard, I am back in your inbox just a little earlier this week. There isn’t much new since last Friday, but coming to you a little earlier does give me the chance to invite…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.2

Senate Standard Many thanks to everyone who shared your guiding words for this coming year in last week’s Standard Poll. In word cloud format, here is what you shared: If you haven’t chosen a word or intention for the year yet, perhaps…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 4.1

Senate Standard Welcome to this new academic year! As we approach the end of this first week of classes, I hope that all has gone smoothly for you and that you feel confident that all of your preparation has laid a great…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.36

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you this year. It has been an incredible honor that I am humbled to have had. The turmoil of the last two years created a unique opportunity to evaluate longstanding policies and propose practical changes…Read More »

Senate Standard 3.35

After another lengthy discussion, the Board finally approved the FY 23 compensation package and budget last night.  The Board focused on creating a tiered compensation package weighted toward the lowest paid employees. We can all agree that the cost of living in…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.34

My weekly appearance in your inbox has slowed in frequency to match the languid pace of college news. One thing that hasn’t slowed to a crawl is our training options. Take a peek at the exciting PD opportunities coming soon. Also, don’t forget…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.33

Our quiet summer got a jolt of energy last night with a long and eventful board meeting. The annual budget vote spurred an outpouring of strong emotions from across the college due to its impact on compensation. If you missed the meeting,…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.32

The slower summer pace is evident in the quiet halls across the district and reduced inbox arrivals. This week’s news is relatively light, but we have several great opportunities available to you. I hope to see you at the Senate meeting on Friday.…Read More »