By | February 5, 2024
Senate Standard 5.12

In the Standard this week:
– February 9 Faculty Senate Meeting: Call for Agenda Items
– ACC’s New College Values
– 2024-2025 Senate Nominations
– TCCTA Conference February 29 – March 2 in Frisco, TX
– FCLI (Faculty Center for Learning Innovation) Summer Institute
– ACC’S New Employee & Parent/Family Community
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Senate Meeting February 9: Call for Agenda Items

We are holding a Faculty Senate meeting on Friday, February 9, from 12 pm to 1:30 pm. If you have any items you want to be considered, please send them my way at [email protected]
ACC’s New College Values

The Chancellor has given the Faculty Senate and the AFA (and the other associations) the task of defining what the new college values mean in terms of our behavior and commitments as faculty members to students and our colleagues. He introduced the new values at his town hall talk on January 19th (begins at 28:11).  The values will be integrated into job descriptions, processes, and our evaluations of each other. The college will go into depth on both the Theory of Change and Values at the collegewide Data Summit on Wednesday, March 27. 

Here are the proposed new values that emerged from a series of listening sessions and a special workshop with students. During these conversations, students were asked what they expect and need from us. The values that came from these discussions are:

COURAGE: We believe in honesty and openness.

COMPASSION: We believe in empathy, kindness, and being other-centered in all we do.

JOY:  It is our honor to work for our students and with each other.

YES:  We believe in being tenacious and resilient in fighting for our students through our barriers.

We are starting our collaboration with the Adjunct Faculty Association to codify these values for all faculty and we need your help.  As this process is a collegewide effort, we need to include everyone’s voice.  I have included a survey for your needed thoughts and insights.               
Faculty Senate Nominations for 2024-2025
Faculty Senate Nominations are open

The Full-time Faculty Senate welcomes you to join us as a Senator for the academic year 2024-2025 and directly impact issues that affect faculty across the college.  We also are seeking nominations for President-Elect. The minimum time commitment for being a Senator is 1.5 hours a month for attending Faculty Senate meetings, usually held on the second Friday of the month from 12-1:30 pm. Here is a list of some other tasks a Senator might spend more time a month on:
reading/responding to emails, including preparatory readings, 
participating in other Senate related meetings, 
discussing issues with constituents, 
reading and voting on meeting minutes, 
occasionally volunteering for a project or being part of a workgroup,
attending additional emergency Faculty Senate meetings on controversial issues,

We hope that you will consider serving the college by sharing your opinions and experience as a Senator.  

To nominate yourself or a colleague for a Senator seat, complete this form by 5 pm on February 23.

To nominate yourself or a colleague for President-Elect, complete this form by 5 pm on February 23. For those who wish to be President-Elect, please send your platform statement to Jennifer Brimberry after you fill out the nomination form.  You can find information on the President-Elect position at the Faculty Senate website. 
TCCTA (Texas Community College Teachers Association) Conference

The TCCTA (Texas Community College Teachers Association) Annual Conference is February 29-March 2 in Frisco, TX. All ACC faculty get free registration to this wonderful conference where faculty will be learning from faculty and other experts. You can visit TLED’s page on TCCTA to learn more about how to register and attend for free. 
FCLI Summer Institute
Mapping Narratives: Integrating Interdisciplinary GIS 

This summer the Faculty Center for Learning Innovation (FCLI) welcomes faculty to attend the ‘Mapping Narratives: Integrating Interdisciplinary GIS’ Institute.  This institute seeks to provide an inaugural cohort of faculty with technical training for integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into their curriculum, helping bring stories to life for students through custom online maps.  Learn more and APPLY HERE.
Help Inform ACC’S New Employee & Parent/Family Community

Are you an ACC employee and a proud parent, guardian, or family advocate of a Riverbat student? ACC’s new Parent and Family Engagement initiative is starting a new community and wants to hear from you! If you are interested in connecting with fellow colleagues who share the dual role of being both an ACC employee and an engaged family member, complete this brief survey by February 5th. Learn more by visiting or email [email protected] or Dr. Melissa Biegert at [email protected]