Adjunct Faculty Association

AFAEC Meeting

Adjunct Faculty Association Executive Council (AFAEC) will meet next Friday, September 28, from 4 to 6 pm at HBC  room 411.  The agenda is being developed and will be posted in the AFA Calendar (see … Continue reading

Campus Rep Vacancies

There are still six Campus-Representative vacancies for this year. Please check the Bylaws for eligibility, terms, responsibilities, and other pertinent information associated with these positions. If you are interested in serving as a Campus Representative, please … Continue reading

Spring Newsletter

The spring newsletter for the AFA is now available. Click on the headline to get the link.

Faculty Emergency Fund

Faculty Emergency Fund The Full-Time Faculty Senate and the Adjunct Faculty Association have established the Faculty Emergency Fund to provide financial support for ACC faculty members who face catastrophic situations that affect their ability to … Continue reading

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