Adjunct Faculty Association

AFA Disc Golf Fundraiser

Third Annual AFA Richard Cutler Charity Disc Golf Fundraiser

Saturday, 29 October Tee off starts at 12 noon Come dressed in costume. Circle C Park –Map No experience necessary, Free Clinic at 11:00 Register now

Annual AFAEC Retreat Helps Jumpstart the Academic Year

by Valerie Fulton September 12, 2015. Every year the Executive Council starts off the year with a six hour work session to decide which issues we want to prioritize for the year ahead. We hold … Continue reading

Expansion of Loan Forgiveness Program is a Boon to Adjuncts

Good News for Adjuncts: Student Success Course Training

Executive Council Members

OFFICERS President: Mario Aguilar   Vice President: Vanessa Faz   Secretary: Valerie Fulton Valerie is ABD from the University of Virginia, which was the third ranking English Department in the United States at … Continue reading

AFAEC Committees

Important Dates for 2015-16

AFAEC Meetings During the academic year, the Adjunct Faculty Association holds a meeting of the their Executive Council roughly once a month to discuss agenda items for that year. This fall, the meetings are from … Continue reading

You Helped Make This Happen; Now Help to Make Things Happen for Yourself

Greetings, fellow adjuncts! When the English Department hired me three years ago, Austin Community College seemed like a random and disconnected place. The only thing sense of community I felt was my connection to the … Continue reading

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