Monthly Archives: June 2019

Adjunct Compensation Discussed in June Board of Trustees Work Session

Adjunct compensation issues were discussed again in the Board of Trustees (BOT) work session, Agenda Item 9786, on June 24th.  The issues discussed include the 3% annual increase for all ACC employees, compensation for adjuncts … Continue reading

AFA Special Election in August

The Adjunct Faculty Association Executive Council (AFAEC) voted on May 30th to conduct a special election in August to fill the three campus representative vacancies (Elgin, Highland, Cypress) from the 2019 AFA election held in … Continue reading

Adjunct Compensation Discussed in Board of Trustee June Meeting

Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) president, Samantha Ackers, spoke on adjunct compensation issues again in the Board of Trustees June meeting.  The meeting video recording can be viewed here.   Click on “Watch Video” link listed in … Continue reading

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