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Our Mission Statement

To provide six semester hours of instruction in politics and government that acquaint students with the basic concepts used in studying politics and government and which meet the requirements of the Texas Education Code (51.301) for every student receiving a degree from a state-supported college or university in Texas.

To offer an Associate of Arts degree in Government and provide all Government majors with an educational foundation which will allow them to pursue successfully a baccalaureate degree in government or political science at a four-year college or university.

Our Courses

The Government Department offers two basic courses required for graduation from a Texas college or university that receives state support or state aid from public funds. These are United States Government (GOVT 2305) and Texas State and Local Government (GOVT 2306). In addition the department offers several advanced courses which are available both to Government majors and other students wishing to take an additional course in government as an elective. These courses are described in the Course Descriptions section of our webpage.

GOVT 2305 and GOVT 2306 are sophomore-level courses. Both courses require writing assignments. To help students be prepared to meet the demands of these requirements, the Government Department strongly recommends that ENGL 1301 or the equivalent be successfully completed prior to enrolling in either of these courses.

High school students considering taking government courses through Austin Community College should consult the Dual Credit and Early College High School information page.

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