Full-Time Faculty

  • Christopher D’Urso

    Professor, Assistant, Department Chair
    Phone: (512)223-4953
    Northridge Campus(NRG), Room 2129
    Email: christopher.durso@austincc.edu
    Education: Northeastern University
    Interests: Latin American Politics, IR Theory, Political Theory, Labor Movements, Social Justice

  • Shina Amachigh, Ph.D.

    Phone: (512)223-2144
    Cypress Creek Campus(CYP) 1103.9
    Email: samachig@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Tulsa
    Interests: US Politics, Texas Politics

  • Catherine Andrews

    Professor, Associate
    Phone: (512)223-4098
    Northridge Campus(NRG) 2132A
    Email: catherine.andrews@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Texas at Austin

  • JoAnna Brown

    Professor, Assistant
    Phone: (512)223-7461
    Highland Campus(HLC) Main Bldg., Room 2343.04
    Email: joanna.brown@austincc.edu
    Education: Sul Ross State University

  • Roy Edward Casagranda, Ph.D.

    Phone: (512)223 3018
    Rio Grande Campus(RGC) RG30 3118
    Email: roy.casagranda@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Texas at Austin
    Interests: Middle East, Political Philosophy, Continental Theory, News Media, US Presidents, Decision making theories.

Roy Casagranda, PhD is an Professor of Government at Austin Community College where he teaches political science and US and Texas politics. His areas of research include the Middle East, U.S. foreign policy, political philosophy, Western Civilization, and warfare. Dr. Casagranda completed an ad hoc interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Texas at Austin combining political science, philosophy, history, psychology, and Germanic studies. His dissertation attempts to explain why non-political actors become revolutionaries. One major case studies in his study focuses on the role soccer hooligans played in Egypt’s 2011 Revolution. After using psychology to dismantle rational choice theory, he turns to twentieth century German philosophers to create a new model explaining political action based on meaning generation and mortality. Dr. Casagranda wrote the University of Maryland University College’s course modules for the History Department’s WWII course. He is regularly featured on the Austin ABC affiliate KVUE, NBC affiliate KXAN, and Austin’s Fox affiliate where he usually serves as their Middle East Political Affairs Expert. He was regular contributor to Iran’s Mehrmaneh Weekly and he wrote for Iran’s Hamshahri Daily and for Iran’s Donya-e- Eqtesad Daily where he served as an expert in Arab and US politics and history. Casagranda has also written about the 2011 and 2013 Egyptian Revolutions for Austin’s TODO. He has given an average of thirteen public lectures per year since 2006 on topics as varied as Medieval Venice, the US Presidency, critiques of modernity, and the Arab Spring. He runs the Austin School, a public lecture series. And Dr. Casagranda is planning to self-publish his first novel: Wolf of Verona, by the end of the year. It is upmarket historical fiction set in 6 th century AD Rome that explores life in a collapsing empire and the desperate fight to prevent it.

  • Yolanda Chapa

    Phone: (512)223-2144
    Hays Campus(HYS) 01204.38
    Email: ymc@austincc.edu
    Education: Texas State University

  • Julia “Julz” C. Decker

    Professor, Assistant
    Phone: (512)223-6682
    Riverside Campus(RVS) Room 2279
    Email: jdecker@austincc.edu
    Education: Texas State University
    Interests: Minority Political Movements, LGBTQ Social Movements, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, US and Texas politics

  • Theodore Hadzi-Antich

    Professor, Associate
    Phone: (512)223-3395
    Highland Campus(HLC) HLC4 Bldg 4000, Room 2310.51
    Email: thadzian@austincc.edu
    Education: Boston College
    Interests: Political Philosophy, International Affairs, US and TX Politics and Classical Studies

  • Aundra Hawkins

    Professor, Assistant
    Phone: (512)223-6158
    Riverside Campus(RVS) Building A (1000 – 2000), Room 2277 / Hays Campus(HYS), Room 1204
    Email: ahawkins@austincc.edu
    Education: Texas State University

  • Kristie Kelly, Ph.D.

    Professor, Associate
    Phone: (512)223-4805
    Northridge Campus(NRG) 2132-A
    Email: kristin.kelly@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Texas at Austin

  • Matt Lamb, Ph.D.

    Professor, Assistant
    Email: gary.lamb@austincc.edu
    Education: Rice University
    Interests: US politics, US elections, Latinx politics in the US

  • Jeffrey Millstone, J.D.

    Phone: (512)223-4796
    Northridge Campus(NRG) Northridge Building 2000, Room 2138a
    Email: jmillsto@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Texas at Austin

Professor Millstone is an award winning college teacher. He received the University of Texas at Austin 2010 UTmost Teaching Excellence Award.  Professor Millstone was also the 2006 recipient of the Austin Community College NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development) Teaching Excellence Award. He holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree (J.D.) from the University of Texas School of Law. In addition, he earned a Masters Degree in political science from Northwestern University and he did doctoral work in political science at  the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He has taught law and government courses at UT–Austin and at ACC. Mr. Millstone has also practiced law as a litigator with over 20 years of experience, concentrating on constitutional law and criminal justice issues. He has worked in the criminal justice system as a prosecutor, defense lawyer, and Assistant Attorney General (AAG). As an AAG, he served as Deputy Chief of the Law Enforcement Defense Division of the Office of the Texas Attorney General. In this capacity, he helped manage a division of over forty lawyers, represented state criminal justice agencies and their employees in lawsuits filed in state and federal courts, and served on the Attorney General’s Task Force for Homeland Security.

  • Edward Mullen, Ph.D.

    Phone: (512)223-2586
    San Gabriel Campus(SGC), Leander
    Email: ejmullen@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Texas at Austin

  • Wajma Nasher, Ph.D.


  • Lisa Perez-Nichols

    Phone: (512)262-6563
    Email: lperez@austincc.edu
    Hays Campus(HYS), Room 1204.25

  • Veronica Vega Reyna

    Professor, Associate
    Phone: (512)223-6390
    Riverside Campus(RVS) Building A (1000 – 2000), Room 2276
    Email: veronica.reyna@austincc.edu
    Education: St. Mary’s University
    Interests: Texas politics, Latino politics, US government, International Affairs

Veronica Vega Reyna is Associate Professor of Government and Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts-Social and Behavioral Sciences. She has been faculty advisor to a civil rights organization, SPLC@ACC. She is a co-author of the textbook, Practicing Texas Politics. Professor Reyna has taught for the Alamo Community College District in San Antonio, St. Mary’s University, & Our Lady of the Lake University. While at St. Mary’s she taught international relations & comparative politics courses. Professor Reyna earned her M.A. in Political Science from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. Her political involvement has included interning for Congressman Ciro Rodriguez, working as a union organizer, and volunteering in various Texas campaigns. She has been involved in organizations advocating for civil rights for Latinos, improving funding for HIV/AIDS in South Texas, Catholic Charities, & a number of other organizations focusing on social & political issues in Texas.

  • Kris Seago, Ph.D.

    Phone: (512)223-7462
    Highland Campus(HLC) 1430.01
    Email: kseago@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Texas at Austin
    Interests: News Media, US Politics, Texas Politics

  • Karry Sargologos

    Phone: (512)223-3394
    Rio Grande Campus(RGC) Building 3000, Room 3114
    Email: kevans@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Arkansas Main Campus

  • Shannon Sinegal, Ph.D.

    Phone: (512)223-9491
    Elgin Campus
    Email: shannon.sinegal@austincc.edu
    Education: University of New Orleans
    Interests: Urban and Minority Politics, Political Behavior, American Institutions

  • Marilyn Yale, Ph.D.

    Phone: (512)223 7465
    Highland Campus(HLC) 1430
    Email: mmyale@austincc.edu
    Education: University of Houston UH
    Interests: US Politics, Texas Politics

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