HIPAA Compliance Manual


The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is designed to ensure that all protected health information (PHI) be kept private and secure by all persons who handle, or have access to, that information. Austin Community College values the privacy of students, employees, clients and patients. The policies and procedures of the Compliance Manual were created to assist Austin Community College (ACC) in complying with all of the laws and regulations related to privacy, including HIPAA.

Austin Community College expects all departments that have contact with any PHI to work toward compliance with these policies.

ACC HIPAA Components

The policies apply to the following units of Austin Community College:

Covered Entities:

  • Dental Hygiene and Massage Therapy

Business Associates:

  • Health Sciences Programs
  • Health Professions Institute Programs
  • Human Services Programs

Non-Business Associates:

  • Non-Business Associate Educational Departments
  • Other ACC Departments

Which Personnel Are Covered?

Covered Entities: All health care providers and all employees who assist these providers in performing tasks related to health care that utilizes PHI.

Business Associates: Faculty and students of designated programs, and all employees who assist these individuals in performing tasks in an external covered entity related to activities that utilize PHI.

Non-Business Associates: Supervisors, Department Chairs, and designated staff and faculty who may have legitimate contact with PHI as part of their role or responsibilities.

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