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Benefits to Joining ABI

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ABI members have full access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment across various shared lab spaces. Training, support, and maintenance are all included in monthly leases. Coworking desk area, shared printer, private conference room, full kitchen, and medical privacy room are all available to support your business needs.


Entrepreneurs enjoy an IP-free zone with access to workshops, industry partners, extensive mentor network, and a robust interdisciplinary internship program. Your business growth will be supported by startup-friendly lease rates, equipment  and instrumentation use and support, cold and dry stroage space, community relationships, and a central location.


Forging partnerships with industry leaders to offer innovative technology on-site, along with local instrumentation training and flexible equipment use agreements for growing industry needs in the Central Texas region. ABI is continually working to support the growing life sciences and biotech industries in Central Texas.

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ACC offers a multitude of educational and workforce training programming, and ABI strives to support hands-on learning opportunities for diverse disciplines, through real-world internship opportunities providing a vast array of expertise in support of our member company needs, from biotech lab technicians to marketing and beyond.

From Our Members

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“Great equipment, everything was well maintained and the services were offered at a very reasonable price.”

– Everett McKinley

“A great networking opportunity that few other facilities could offer!”

– Alan Blake

“ABI was great for us, they had good flexibility and a good price.”

– Alice McConnell

“Benefited significantly from the outstanding leadership and on-campus location, which combined to make the environment a fantastic place to start our new venture.”

– Alan Blake


Science in the Mall, Y’all is a show about the Bioscience Incubator and the innovations of our member companies. This isn’t a deep dive into the science itself, it is instead a podcast exploring the reasons behind these companies’ existence. From making sure your queso is safe to eat, to figuring out how to slowly release drugs into the system to help fight opioid addictions, these startups are seeking answers to some of today’s most complex questions. Science in the Mall, Y’all is a podcast that seeks to learn about the “Why” in order to understand more about the “How”.

Get to know our network, including member companies, student interns and our collaborators.

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Monoclonal Antibody Manufacture at Xbiotech with David Medina and Marcia McCallum

Monoclonal Antibody Manufacture at Xbiotech with David Medina and Marcia McCallum: Former ABI intern Marcia McCallum is back again on the Science in the Mall, Y'all #podcast, joining her supervisor David Medina, the Upstream Processing Manager at XBiotech USA, Inc.,...

Bioscience Careers Galore! With Rodney and Mauricio

Bioscience Careers Galore! With Rodney and Mauricio: Listen on your favorite platform: YouTube // Acast// Spotify // Apple Podcasts // Google Podcasts Season 2, Episode 3: Mauricio Tellez + Dr. Rodney Rohde Part 1: Bioscience Careers Galore! Season 2, Episode 4:...

Student Successes! With Mauricio and Marcia

Student Successes! With Mauricio and Marcia: Dear Friends, We are excited to be launching Season 2 of ‘Science in the Mall, Y’all’. In our previous episodes, we have highlighted some of the companies here at the ACC Bioscience Incubator and the varied and impressive...

Learning to Fail

Anyone who has been following along on the journey of Austin Community College purchasing the entire Highland Mall and converting it to a community college campus will understand why I am so excited about it and why I keep...

All About Proteins with Erisyon

Detecting disease biomarkers: It’s very exciting to have access to so many interesting and innovative ways that people are addressing problems related to pandemic preparedness and global health security. Being on the founding team of TEXGHS (Science in the Mall,...
Alice McConnell of Speragen

A Hope for Rare Disorders

A Milestone! Back when we first started our Science in the Mall, Y’all podcast to showcase the impressive work ABI member companies are doing, I was very excited to hear from Speragen. If you listened to that episode, you will remember that Speragen’s founder, Alice...

Bridging Sectors For Pandemic Readiness

Responding to and recovering from COVID-19: Global Health Security is a phrase that I’m hearing daily in my world. What does it mean? How do we accomplish it? As we start to come out of what has been a life-altering pandemic and the focus for the past 1.5 years has...

When Your Lungs Need Help (COVID Special)

It’s great to see that the number of people being vaccinated in Central Texas is high and resulting in a significantly lower number of COVID-19 cases. We know that there is still a large number of people who have not been vaccinated and figuring out a strategy for...

Rapid Testing – From Zika to COVID and Beyond

With the warming weather, comes mosquito season. I was hoping that the silver lining of the freeze in February would be the slow down or delay of their wrath, but it doesn’t appear that that’s happened. Only a few years ago, the idea of getting bitten by a mosquito...

The COVID-19 Vaccine – It’s Not a Shot in the Dark

Spring has sprung here in Texas. It’s kind of shocking how quickly it seemed to have appeared after such a devastating winter storm. There was so much damage and so much suffering, and while we were still scrambling to get food and water to those in need, it was 80...

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