FS- Lacey Lynn Seymour


Lacey Lynn Seymour was born and raised in Austin, TX and proud to be an Austinite! Since the first camera was placed in her hands, she has been capturing her passions and the world around her. Photography has been her ticket around the globe as she has been sought out to capture an array of people, places and things.  A few of her favorites have included Lewis Hamilton three time World Champion of F1, luxury real estate in Costa Rica and her childhood friend’s wedding in Jamaica.  She is not a stranger to motor racing as she grew up cheering on her younger brother at motorcross tracks all over Texas. Uniting her passion for photography and love of motor sport, she has covered every event at her home track, Circuit of The Americas, including the return of Formula One with the United States Grand Prix in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The team aspect of motor sports is an appealing element to Lacey that inspires her to create visually unique content for each client at every event. From the manufacturers, participants, and public relations teams, it takes an alliance to produce a successful result and Lacey has produced beneficial results for her clients consistently. She loves photographing the motion on track and is always excited to forge new partnerships, hear their background, and thrives on capturing exceptional images that will convey their story.

Not ya momma's 911

© Lacey Lynn Seymour


FS- Maja Buck

Maja_Buck_02I was born and raised in southern California. Initially, I attended a local community college to get a certificate in the graphic design program with the hopes that it would provide better job opportunities. While there I took some art classes and a photography course. I fell in love with photography. One of my art instructors and my photo instructor encouraged me to go further with my education. With their help I continued on. I became the first in my family to graduate college with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.  Afterwards, I began to work in an unrelated field to support my family. I moved to Austin Texas in the summer of 2010. That December, my husband bought me my first DSLR for Christmas. He knew I would be much happier pursuing my creative passion. With his encouragement, I left my job and enrolled in the photo program at Austin Community College.

“The photo program has taught me so much! It has helped me understand many technical aspects of photography, from how to use my camera, how to manage digital data, how to use imaging software, how to use studio lights & gear and so much more.  Without any of these skills I wouldn’t have been able to make the pictures I do.”

After graduation Maja plans to continue pursuing a career in photography focusing on fashion and film.





Ocean Breathes Salty



© Maja Buck

FS- Babak Pejman Aryan

Babak_Aryan150When Babak P. Aryan was a little kid he saw the photographs that his father had taken. His dad’s images of people and places from different countries and times inspired Babak’s photography. He received a BA in Mathematics in 2006 then worked for a few years in the computer field. In 2010 he emigrated from Iran to the US where he started learning photography at Austin Community College. He wants to travel around the world to capture special moments. He loves photography, which is how he best expresses himself.

“I began studying photography at Austin Community College with only minimum experience. I am so thrilled that now after two years of hard work here, my photographs have been selected and published across the country, in more than ten galleries and international competitions. I have grown and been influenced by knowledgeable, dedicated instructors and the best equipment anyone could hope for. The experience of being a student in the Photographic Technology Department has been wonderful, I am realizing my dream.”








© Babak P. Aryan

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