Faculty Responses

Examples Kudos received via email:

“I really can’t believe Blackboard can do all of this! I’ve been creating a class roster, plus calculated grade columns by hand in Excel, thinking Blackboard wasn’t smart enough to do what I wanted to do. Wow! I’m more than a little humbled. (and relieved! and excited! and grateful for this course!)  Thanks,  Melissa”

“Thanks so much for helping me, Peg.  I didn’t know what a Wiki was before today!  I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

“Peg, is extremely helpful and quick to solve any problem that I might be having with Blackboard.”  IDS Consultation Feedback

“Thank you so much, Peg! You are the best!   Shih-Ting”

“Hi, Peg, thank you, thank you, thank you. It works fine for me now.
I don’t think I would use Blackboard nearly so much if I didn’t have you to help me with all this.  See why I always come to you for help?  You know everything.”  Betty

Goals & Objectives 2014-2015

Support faculty in the development of instructional materials and Blackboard courses to meet SSI goals and SAC requirements.  Goals 1 and 5 are ongoing with no specific completion date.  Goals 2, 3, 4, and 6 will be completed by July, 2015.

1.  Since Google apps change on a daily basis, continually learn about updates to Google apps to provide faculty with the latest tools for this purpose.
2.  Evaluate Articulate as an application to produce instructional materials.
3.  Evaluate jQuery as a tool to develop interactive instructional materials.
4.  Investigate uses of Twitter for instructional purposes.
5.  As the process holder for Respondus, continue to update and revise the Respondus website, maintain the Respondus Google group, and chair the Respondus Committee consisting of Laura Lucas and Seth Wilkerson.
6.  Investigate WebEx Support component as a tool to assist faculty.

Professional Development

jQuery Essential Training
Twitter Essential Training
Up and Running with Articulate Storyline
WebEx Support Component – learn by using and reference to support materials as needed


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