A number of options are available for developing a paragraph. Each of these patterns requires that the writer include different kinds of information. Some of the most commonly used patterns of organization are narration, description, classification, comparison/contrast, cause and effect, process, definition, and analysis.

  • A narrative is a record of a series of events telling a story in time oder.
  • A description is a representation in words of a person, a place, or an object.
  • A classification is an arrangement of the content by category, grouping the content into classes or kinds.
  • Comparison/contrast is an arrangement showing similarities and differences between two things of the same class.
  • Cause and effect shows the causal relationship between events.
  • A process narrative shows events that occur over and over instead of only once as in an event narration.
  • Definition establishes the meaning of a word, a concept, or an idea.
  • Analysis shows the relationship between the parts of a written text, an idea, or a concept.

Select the pattern of development that would be most appropriate for each of the following topic sentences.

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