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Environmental Health and Safety Management (Help for Taking Certification Exams)

Looking for a career in Environmental Health and Safety Management?  Preparing to take an environmental or health & safety certification exam?   Beginning in the fall of 2019, our new certificate programs will offer courses to help you prepare for exams such as Certified Safety Professional, Certified Environmental Manager, and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.  See the Degrees and Programs Link above for more information.


ENVR 1301 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENVR 1101 Introduction to Environmental Science Lab
CTEC 1349 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
CHLT 1341 Introduction to Community Environmental Health
EPCT 1347 Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention
ENVR 1302 Issues in Environmental Science
EPCT 1444 Environmental Sampling and Analysis
EPCT 1307 Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety
EPCT 2333 Introduction to Environmental Toxicology
EPCT 1205 Environmental Regulations Overview
EPCT 1328 Basic Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Peru, 2020 – Environmental Science Study Abroad

This course introduces students to concepts in biodiversity and conservation, threats to biodiversity, and strategies for conserving biodiversity, with and emphasis in tropical regions. Tropical regions occur near the equator, encompassing approximately half of the Earth’s surface area, and containing unique biomes related to climate. Tropical climates are areas where the temperature remains warm and conditions are generally wet throughout the year (Kricher, 2011). The effects of tropical climate are readily noticeable by the presence of rain forests. (Course is limited to 15 participants)

Mark Shepherd, Ph.D., QEP E-mail: mark.shepherd@austincc.edu