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Ready for Launch

The period for the public website has ended and the survey results are in. We are extremely pleased with the overall response and plan to move forward with a launch. I love the comments from … Continue reading

Sneak Peak

I know there wasn’t much talk here in-between the Tree Testing and now but it was simply taking what we learned, and are still learning, and pounding the IA into a “de-siloed” method of content … Continue reading

The Giving Tree – Tree Testing the New Information Architecture

What’s a Tree Test? A tree test defined is “A tree test is like a usability test on the skeleton of your navigation with the design “skin” removed. It allows you to isolate problems in … Continue reading

Design Mock Up: Round 1

Taking what we have learned from the research phase of the web redesign project, our designers have created the first iteration of what our new template may look like.. Let’s go from top to bottom … Continue reading

Set Phasers to Stun

Almost all web redesign projects that I have kept up with have been rolled out in phases. I have seen very few projects have been a full cut-over without any links,layouts, or content that reference the old website. ACC’s website will … Continue reading

Pick a Card, Any Card

  The Shuffle and The Deal Part of developing the information architecture of a website is the activity known as a “card sort”. In a nutshell, this entails putting content descriptors down on actual paper … Continue reading

Web Assessment Report Completion

As part of the “Research and Discovery” phase of the Web Redesign Project, the Web Assessment Report has been completed and made available. This document justifies the need for a redesign of ACC’s website and … Continue reading

Developing a Strategy for Content Review and User Experience Testing

A sub-group of the team met to discuss strategy for content review, and to begin planning for user research focusing on the task completion scenarios provided to us by the outside consultant. At this point … Continue reading

Announcing Web Redesign of austincc.edu

The college has begun the vital project of redesigning the top level public facing portion of austincc.edu.  The scope of the project focuses on the most used content on ACC’s website such as our homepage … Continue reading

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