Announcing the ACC Web Redesign Project 2016-2017

Website redesign to emphasize student recruitment, guided pathways

The Austin Community College website will be undergoing a top-tier redesign to better serve the college’s recruitment and onboarding goals that are part of the guided pathways implementation.

The redesign will be tackled in phases to allow for design and testing by different user types. The first phase will focus on redesign of the homepage and current student page to better meet the needs of prospective students and current students. Faculty/staff and business/community webpage redesign will follow.

Currently our homepage focuses on top-level tasks and information for students who are currently enrolled. That information will still exist but be accessible to that user group in the appropriate places and times. Research shows that new users will navigate away from a website if they cannot find what they need quickly. By changing the focus of our top-level navigation on prospective students, we can show how ACC is the most accessible, affordable and value-driven option for people who want to increase the quality of their lives through higher education. Academic promotional pages, information about paying for college, and the application process itself will encourage interested groups and new students to engage with ACC and ultimately complete and application process and register for classes.

Current ACC students as well as faculty and staff have a sense of what resources are needed and will be able to access these assets along with news and updates that are relevant to them quickly and easily.

New web design techniques in content design, user experience, and accessibility are being developed and tested. These efforts, in conjunction with the research about where the website excels and where there are opportunities for growth, will make ACC’s web presence an indispensable tool for engagement with prospective students, the central point for current ACC student as well as faculty and staff resources, and a hub for community-centered communications.

We are working on an aggressive timeline for the project and hope to have a preview to show before spring break. If you have ideas or feedback on the proposed changes of the current site, please feel free to contact me at or 512-223-7844. I look forward to hearing from you throughout the project.

The dedication of time, thought, and creativity by the web redesign team and other groups will make ACC’s website a pride point for the college as we move forward with the project.