Building a new

The Austin Community College website is our most important public-facing communications channel and it’s getting a makeover. Once completed, our site will be more intuitive for users to navigate, easier for content owners to maintain, and 100 percent mobile-friendly.


The Web Redesign Project is a 2017-2022 Strategic Plan priority. The redesign will occur in four phases. Phase one focuses on improving the student experience. It includes redesigning the homepage and its navigation menu to enhance the “shopping” experience for prospective students and creating a student page that serves a gateway to information and resources for current students. The target launch date is summer 2017. Phases focused on Faculty and Staff, Business and Community, and departmental sites will quickly follow.


The college established a Web Design Advisory Committee in 2016, comprised of key stakeholders and web development/design experts. The committee guides the web redesign process, which is managed by the Public Information & College Marketing Department.

Vision & GOALS

The primary purpose of the website is to serve as the front door for people who are new to ACC or those who don’t have regular contact with the college. Goals are to:

  • Improve the web experience and functionality for all users
  • Create a modern, cohesive design consistent with the ACC brand
  • Provide credible, targeted, and timely content
  • Make it 100% mobile-friendly
  • Create seamless integration of Guided Pathways and new systems such Student Planner, Career Coach, and Recruit (customer relationship management system – CRM)
  • Optimize content to improve search functionality
  • Ensure Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance
  • Establish clear guidelines and resources to assist departments with content management and design
Contact us

Edward Terry, ACC Web Manager and Project Lead

Brette Lea, Executive Director of Public Information & College Marketing