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Employee Faculty & Staff Webpage Survey

Dear Employees, As the college launches the new MyACC portals for Faculty and Staff, we have a unique opportunity to redesign your employee (Faculty/Staff) webpage. The Office of Communications & Marketing seeks your support as … Continue reading

ACC student Briana Harris studies inside the ACCelerator at the Highland campus on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

Students – Access to Information and Resources

The web team redesigned the Students landing page to support the needs of current students, which they indicated through user surveys and other forms of research. Students explained they want less clutter on the webpage, … Continue reading

A user tests the beta ACC website

User Testing – Approach, Tools, and Takeaways

User testing is vital to the overall success of a website’s ability to deliver the intended experience to all visitors. User testing can consist of strict requirements to test a particular function of a website … Continue reading

Student receives help with the admissions process

Admissions – An Open Door

As visitors to the ACC homepage explore the college’s programs and services, they are offered two calls to action – click either the Request Information or Apply Now button. Both will direct the information to … Continue reading

Professor of Government Lisa Perez, PhD, teaches a class on Civil Liberties at the Austin Community College Hays Campus on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Academic and Career Programs – What We Offer

The Academic and Career Programs serves as the college’s “storefront,” showcasing all the educational choices we offer. The top band of the page introduces the prospective student to the different instructional pathways at ACC with … Continue reading

ACC Highland

Campuses – Locations Across Greater Austin

The main campus webpage makes it easy for prospective students to see where ACC campuses are located around the college district through a large, clickable map. It also features a click-through area highlighting each campus, … Continue reading

Paying for College – Afford a Great Future

The ability to pay for college is a major concern for most prospective students. The new Paying for College area showcases how affordable an option ACC really is. The page clearly describes the actual cost … Continue reading

Learning Support – Here for you

The Learning Support page of the website will promote the specialized learning environments that will help the prospective students achieve their academic goals at ACC. This page will not provide every single detail about how … Continue reading

Campus Life – Welcome Riverbats

The Campus Life page is designed to present ACC to prospective students in a fun, energetic, engaging way. The content selected for this section of the website touches on a variety of topics including “Pride … Continue reading

Using Card Sorts and Tree Tests to Influence Information Architecture and Naming Conventions

Information architectures (IAs) are blueprints for how a website organizes it content. IAs specify where content natively lives within the website illustrate hierarchies, labels, and other characteristics. When developing a website, designers test IAs multiple … Continue reading

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