Academic and Career Programs – What We Offer

The Academic and Career Programs serves as the college’s “storefront,” showcasing all the educational choices we offer.

The top band of the page introduces the prospective student to the different instructional pathways at ACC with explanations of how each is aligned to different outcomes. This is followed by a guide-point band for the “deep shopper” that encourages exploration of the different program options.

Other bands contain information for audiences that may be looking for options that are specific to them. These include high school programs, English language instruction, and college readiness programs.

ACC has a wide variety of learning opportunities and engaging student interaction that can accommodate a prospective student’s individual situation and interests. These are highlighted with easy-to-scan content areas that visitors can click to learn more about that particular option or experience.

Imagine yourself as a prospective student browsing for an academic program or educational option, and check out the Academic & Career Programs page.

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