Learning Support – Here for you

The Learning Support page of the website will promote the specialized learning environments that will help the prospective students achieve their academic goals at ACC. This page will not provide every single detail about how to access these services but an overview of services available to students who attend ACC.

The content on the page presents the idea that no matter the academic challenge ACC has the resources and expertise to correctly advise and support students on their academic journeys. Often students self-identify into subcategories such as military and veterans, students with special needs, transfer students, or even program-specific groups with their own special requirements. The Learning Support page reinforces to a prospective student that no matter what their particular situation is, ACC will be there to provide the assets that are essential to being a successful student.

Imagine yourself as a prospective student inquiring if ACC has the academic support that will help you achieve your academic goals and check out the Learning Support page.

Campus Life – Welcome Riverbats

The Campus Life page is designed to present ACC to prospective students in a fun, energetic, engaging way.

The content selected for this section of the website touches on a variety of topics including “Pride and Traditions.” It introduces the college’s mascot and showcases video content about being an ACC student outside of the classroom.

Other content bands provide quick insights to Student Life programs and additional opportunities for students to immerse themselves in our community. The Arts and Culture section showcases just a few ways students get to experience these things not only as ACC students but also as members of an involved and active community.

Imagine yourself as a prospective student and take a look at Campus Life at ACC.

Using Card Sorts and Tree Tests to Influence Information Architecture and Naming Conventions

Information architectures (IAs) are blueprints for how a website organizes it content. IAs specify where content natively lives within the website illustrate hierarchies, labels, and other characteristics. When developing a website, designers test IAs multiple ways to ensure content is placed in locations users expect to find it.

ACC’s website redesign project relies heavily on a fully comprehensive and tested IA as a starting point for different sections of the website. This includes landing pages for defined users (prospects, students, faculty/staff, business/community, and alumni).

Our IA development began with creation of the creative brief and content audit. It continues with two methods of user testing: Card sorting, which helps create the initial IA draft; and tree testing, which tests the drafted IA’s effectiveness.

Card Sorting

The web team will use a card-sorting exercise with different user audiences to ensure information is labeled and organized effectively.

We create a set of cards, each representing a piece of content, which users will organize into categories. The terminology of the cards and categories can be pre-determined or created by the user at the time of testing. For our purposes, the web team will test pre-determined terms recommended by the marketing team and college stakeholders.

In the earliest stage of the redesign project, the team conducted a card-sorting test using current ACC labels and terminology with visiting high school students. The results showed that test subjects were confused by the labels and terminology so could not effectively sort content. The early test clearly demonstrated the need to remove jargon and adopt more common language.

High school students participate in a traditional card sort. High school students participate in a traditional card sort. High school students participate in a traditional card sort.

Card sorting is currently underway and will continue until all IAs for the top tier of the ACC website redesign are complete. In the meantime, you can view the report of the card sorting exercise completed by our visiting high school students.

Tree Testing

The web team will use tree testing to ensure the effectiveness of proposed IAs with each specific user audience.

Tree testing is considered the reverse of card sorting to test the “findability” of content. To complete the test, users attempt assigned tasks using a simplified web version of the proposed IA. A computer programs tracks their activity as they navigate the test IA and attempt to complete each assigned task. In short, a tree test will measure how well we have organized and labeled content in the redesign.

Tree testing will begin in the next few weeks and continue through the duration of the project.