Admissions – An Open Door

As visitors to the ACC homepage explore the college’s programs and services, they are offered two calls to action – click either the Request Information or Apply Now button. Both will direct the information to the college’s Recruit CRM system.

Visitors who need more information about their enrollment options before applying or who want to use the website throughout the application experience will find what they need on the Admissions webpage.

The page provides tabbed information to guide users through the four steps in the admissions process, with links to deeper information needed to complete each step. Auxiliary information such as applying for Financial Aid and important dates for prospective students are provided.

Visitors who are seeking other educational opportunities outside a traditional degree or certificate will find links to Continuing Education, Adult Education, and options for English language instruction here on the Admissions page.

Additional application information for prospective students that may belong to a particular type of applicant is also available. These groups include current high school students, active military personnel and veterans, students who may need learning accommodations, and international students who may need to submit additional documentation along with their ACC application.

The Admissions webpage directs users to seek assistance from the College Destination Center if they need it.

Imagine yourself as a prospective student who has decided to apply to ACC and take a look at the new Admissions at ACC page.

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