Campus Viewpoint: Cell Phones

Interviews and Photos by Jessica Vasquez, Photogrpaher

Do you think mobile devices prevent us from connecting with the people around us?



“Yes, because some people don’t pay attention to their family or friends when they are together. It distracts people from some important things in life — even school.” — Colin Wade



“Yes, nowadays, I think there are a lot less genuine conversations between people. I’ve seen people texting each other from across the table instead of just talking. Even something as simple and nice as a well-thought-out letter is lost. — Keith Foley


“Yes, face-to-face conversations are better than texting. You especially get more respect when you ask a girl out in person rather than over a text message. Breaking up with someone over a text is just disrespectful.”
— Dana Jamal Crowder


“Absolutely. I think today there is more of a loner society. A text message is a curtain where you can’t really know what the other person is thinking. The cell phone says to the person you’re with, ‘I’m the alternative in case you be- come boring.’ ” — Jeana Poteet


“No, I think technology helps us become more sociable. I believe that technology is a great thing, but it needs to be used in moderation. Having a face-to-face conversation is still a very warm connection that we need to preserve.”
— Zac Egan

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