Campus Viewpoint: What is Your Reaction to the Umpqua Community College Shooting in Oregon?

Story by Ryan Fontenette-Mitchell, reporter

Photo by Joseph Lee, photographer

Abby Castner (1)
Abby Castner – I think it’s a systemic sign of a larger problem within our society and how we deal with a lot of things from mental illness all the way down to isolation.
Fasih Hashmi (1)
Fasih Hashmi – It’s surprising and terrible because sometimes you never know how people can become dangerous about using guns at school. They can just shoot at each other. It’s not very safe to have guns at schools.
Brooklyn Terlinde
Brooklyn Terlinde – There is always a possibility of something bad happening anywhere. People would be more secure if they were taught the behaviors of people that may do that.


Joshua Valdez (1)
Joshua Valdez – The name of the shooter should be kept private. They shouldn’t get the publicity for what they’ve done. We know what happened in the shootings, but putting their name out there is unnecessary.



Hien Li (1)
Hien Li – I don’t think its appropriate to have gun with you in school someone can get angry and start shooting. Its not a need, because we have cops around to protect us.


Alec Rakoff
Alec Rakoff – There’s been suggestions, arming teachers, lettings students carry (guns) although that can lead to more shootings. All of those can be good ideas, but they’re all have consequences of their own.