Show Review: Snow Tha Product Gettin’ It At Empire


Written and photos by Tracy Fuller

I have been a fan of Snow Tha Product’s music for about five years now, but oddly enough, I have never seen her perform in concert. So naturally, when the opportunity arose to review this show after the Sound On Sound Fest cancellation, I jumped on it. Snow, originally from San Jose, California, ended up moving to Texas in 2010. It was then she started to make a name for herself by performing here in Austin at South By Southwest.Snow The Product

This performance was originally scheduled to take place at Sound On Sound Festival but was rescheduled to take place at Empire Control Room.

Within the first few minutes of her hitting the stage, I realized that this is no ordinary hip-hop show, this was a full-fledged party! You could quickly call this a family celebration, since it was the last stop on Snow’s tour that her mom would be present.

Snow is not your average hip-hop artist. She could be pitted against the best of the best, and would utterly school them with her chopper styled flow. She transitions between spitting bars, melodic singing, and jumps between English and Spanish without missing a beat. Snow also does not not hold back when it comes to expressing her political views.

Snow kept the crowd turned up as she played a bunch of songs from her Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2 mixtape.  She performed “Play,” “Lord Be With You,” “Cookie Cutter B*****s”, “Business Is,” “Hopeless,” “Waste of Time,” and even took to crowd surfing for the hype party track “Gettin’ It.”

Snow and her fans have a robust Chicano pride in common. Between songs, she takes time to connect with them personally.

I couldn’t close out this review without giving a shout out to the venue staff at Empire Control Room. The staff are always on point and accommodating. For a Sunday night and a first-time experience with Snow Tha Product, I had an absolute blast – even with a 10:30 PM curfew![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Show Review: YELLE

Written & photo by Wes Eng

I’m not a typical fan of electropop, but I wasn’t going to miss seeing YELLE during their re-scheduled show for Sound on Sound Fest. YELLE is an electropop band from France who has been making waves since 2005. YELLE’s distinct style of sound is a mix of disco and electropop. This mixture, paired with the french vocals creates quite a unique sound. All of the songs were in French, but that really didn’t matter. The vocals were what really made the sound so iconic. The performance from Julie Budet (lead singer) and the two dummers lead to quite a show. Everything seemed to be choreographed. The drummers had a routine where they would mirror each other’s movements to produce an amazing visual and audible display. It was more like being in the front row of a music video. If you are a connoisseur of electropop YELLE is a must!

Show Review: Gatecreeper

Written and photo by Wes Eng

Opening up the Friday night of the previously scheduled, Sound On Sound Fest at Mohawk was Gatecreeper for Cannibal Corpse. The show was a rager as they shredded the night away with dark, grungy metal. Being in the crowd was something I will always remember. As the band got into their rhythm the whole crowd began to head bang in unison. The love for the music was definitely there. As to be expected there was a lot of action in the crowd. The mosh pit was going nearly the whole time. Unfortunately it seemed to me as if the mic for the singer was too low. With all the guitars and bass tones, the lyrics were drowned out, which was unfortunate. All in all it was a great concert with some really killer songs!