Buzz Mill Review

 Story by Raquel Moreno, Online Editor 

Photos by  Anthony Devera 

Students that are looking for a cool new place to study, drink, and attend free events, Buzz Mill is the place to go.

Located on East Riverside and open 24/7, Buzzmill has a unique atmosphere with its cozy cabin-style interior, where you can either grab a beer, a cup of coffee, or try their specialty infused liquor. The outside seating area is equipped with wooden benches, and a fire pit for cozy conversation on those rare, cold Austin nights. Buzz Mill does not have a food menu, but have no fear – there are two food.

trucks stationed right there in their backyard! The Blue Ox truck serves up some savory Bar-B-Que, and Golden Spike Rail Cart specializes in vegan comfort food.

Buzzmill has events every night, such as stand-up comedy and live music. Comedy shows are free every Wednesday at 9pm, and are filled with local and commuting comics.

Katy Pengra opens every comedy night with some bittersweet anecdotes for the simple joy of making strangers laugh.

Pengra, who has been working at Buzzmill for a year, said “I love this place, it has a really unique vibe to it, and it’s fun running a show here.”

Buzz Mill’s lumberjack  themed setting is a comfort for students looking for a place to hide while they cram for midterms. The little nook behind the bar has a strict “no talking” rule for anyone wishing to study in peace.

Buzz Mill is a quaint hangout full of people from all walks of life, truly representing the Austin spirit. The next time you’re around East Riverside stop by – it will be worth it!