Spring 2015 Photo Story Winner: Inking Austin One Body at a Time

Photo Contest : Inking Austin One Body at a Time {First Place Winner}

Photo Story Krystal Anzaldua


Featured Photo Above: Closing Tine — Tattoo artist Garrett Potts locks up his shop after a long day. Mom’s Tattoos is open 7 days a week, and is located at 1703 South Lamar.

4x6 tattoo 8
Teaming up — Artist Garret Potts tattoos a peacock feather on April Hernandez, 24, while Gary Stiles tattoos another client.
#2 Sarah Conner, 24, is discussing where to get her first tattoo with tattoo artist Garrett Potts
That’s the spot –– Potts watches Sarah Conner, 24, carefully decides on the perfect for her tattoo.
4x7 tattoo 7
Tasteful Art — Artist Garret Potts tattoos a hamburger on Kim Burnet, 32. Afterwards, she will be given a complimentary Care Kit to ensure proper healing.
4x6 tattoo 6
Decisions,Decisions — Garrett Potts, 34, discusses tattoo sketch options with Chris Holmes, 27 and John Holmes, 54
4x6 tattoo 5
Artist’s Palette — An assortment of ink is laid out for the tattoo artist.
4x6 Done tattoo 3
Sketching it out — Pots sketches out the tattoo design, and prepares the stencil that will be placed directly onto the skin.
tattoo 1.psd 72 Res
Keeping it fresh — tattoos fade with time; Potts touches up a piece previously done on a client.