Student Voice: The Abortion Question

Adriel Vigo, Contributor 

What are you thoughts on Texas law which caused the majority of the state’s abortion clinics to close because of its restrictions on abortion providers?”

Daniel Hall —

“I’ve always been pro- choice. It’s a woman’s body. Then of course there’s a point where life starts and that should be the point. Even sometimes the woman’s life is at stake, not to mention her livelihood.


Katlyn White —

“I feel that this decision is a war on women. Abortion is a woman’s choice — not to be left up to some senators somewhere who don’t always know what they’re talking about. Overall decisions like these make me feel like Texas politics can be a boy’s club.”


Diane Grande —

“I don’t agree with having any abortion clinics, I feel that if you and your partner are old enough to make the decision to have sex and you’re not responsible enough to take the precautions of protecting yourself, then instead of abortion, adoption could be a great choice. If not adoption, maybe giving it to a responsible family member which would allow you to still be a part of that child’s life.”


Tristan Cox —

In the Declaration of Independence we are guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Many women could argue that getting an abortion can help them in their pursuit of happiness. Therefore,with Texas making the abortion process incredibly difficult,women can find aspects of their pursuit of happiness threatened.”


E’lana Vaughn —

“If someone was raped and would like to get an abortion that needs to be their decision. But, if someone decides to live a promiscuous life and treat the baby as some inconvenience they can throw away whenever, a problem arises.”


Chantelle Watson —

“I believe you should have the right to an abortion if you want to. But at the same time, you should be in a facility that you know you’ll be taken care of causing me to agree with the hospital standards requirement part of the law.”