Student Intent

Please indicate your intent for study at Austin Community College (choose one):

  1. Earn an Associate Degree
  2. Earn a Certificate
  3. Earn Credits for transfer
  4. Upgrade job skills
  5. Personal Enrichment

[This section is where the applicant answers the “Intent” questions that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requires.  The choice made of these options is used to determine how the student is moved through different advising and enrollment pathways.]

[The first four choices are programmed to record that the student is degree-seeking.  For the fifth choice the application would explain that when choosing them that the student is choosing to take some courses at ACC but is not seeking a degree or certificate from ACC and is not eligible for financial aid or eligible for student loan deferrment status.  It would tell the application that if they later choose to become degree-seeking, that program-specific advising and all college/university transcripts would be required.]

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